Sunday, May 8, 2011

Honors, Cleaning and Moving

This week has been busy. On Tuesday night the Electrical Engineering Department had a dinner at The Elements restaurant in Logan. It was for the department to honor and to say good bye to Paul. We had a nice dinner but the best part was that the secretaries in the department had searched out former students and others that Paul had worked with and had them write up their memories of Paul. They had them spiral bound and presented them to Paul. It made him feel good when he read them later that night. He decided that maybe he did some good in the department.

On Wednesday I had a doctors appointment to finalize my medications for the mission and when I got home Paul was busy cleaning the windows. He had already cleaned the light fixtures. I then started to help by cleaning the grout between the tiles in our entry, main floor bath, and kitchen. We accomplished a lot that day.

We are gathering, storing and cleaning. Many places look rather bare now. On Saturday we moved the organ across the street to our neighbors for the next 18 months. A member of our ward manages the Bishops Storehouse and brought a cart over to help us move it. We got the organ out the door and then onto a board that created a ramp from the top step to the cart. Once the organ was on the board we slid the board onto the cart. We had some neighbors come help. It was quite a site to see this organ being wheeled across the street.  Cars would slow down and look. We repeated the process at the Francis home only this time we were going up the steps. We then went back and got the pedal board and bench.

The Francis family are excited to have it in their home. We know it will be loved while we are gone. This morning I thanked one of the neighbors and he mentioned that we should have taken a picture. Why do we never think of these things at the time. Sorry there is not a picture for you. We will try to do better.

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