Monday, July 4, 2011

A Time for Change

After being in Toronto for a month it is finally time to move into our new apartment at 161 Oakwood #1905. Tuesday was the big day which started before 7:00 AM and didn't finish until after 7:00 PM. We took 5 trips across town (1/2 hour + each way). We really appreciate the elders who helped us move. Elders Herycz and James drove the truck with furniture while Sis Wheeler and I took many loads of small things in the car. The Portuguese elders (Elders de Moura, Lima, and Workman) helped us unload in the new apartment along with Elders Te'o and Sitton. The elders managed to get two loads into one so there were only four truck trips instead of five.
200 Gateway (old apartment building)
 Our old apartment building was in an area called Don Mills. It was just a few blocks from the mission office. Since we didn't have internet in the apartment we would go over to the mission office to get online. While there they would often give us other things to do which was OK since we were not living close to our area. We took walks in the morning where we would see many black squirrels and beautiful scenery. It didn't really seem like home, however, since we knew we would be moving in a month. We also had to travel across town for church and other meetings.
Don Mills Creek on a morning walk
Our new apartment is in the middle of the Portuguese (and Italian and every other) area. It is nice to be able to walk to members homes from the apartment. Church is only 1.3 miles away. It is on a busy street so we can hear traffic (and the trolly) at any time of day or night. It seems the fire engines also go any time day or night. It looks like there is nowhere to take a morning walk, but the residential side streets are very nice with little traffic.

161 Oakwood apartment building
We are on the 19th floor (next to the top). Our apartment is second from the left with the balcony and bedroom windows showing.
Our building from a side street. 
We are feeling much more at home in this apartment. It has a nice layout and an excellent view. We needed to buy a queen-sized bed, but the other furnishings were donated to us. The dresser drawers and the dining set came from the McNabbs who moved from the office to Wallaceburg, close to Detroit. The quilt on the bed is a friendship quilt. Many years ago Relief Society sisters made quilt blocks and signed them. Sister Wheeler finally completed the quilt just before we left. It has memories of each of the sisters whose names are on our bed.
Bedroom with "friendship" quilt

Dining area
The living room set came from the mission home. President and Sister Eyre couldn't take all their furnishings with them so we inherited the couch, recliner, bookcase and rug. We also got some paintings for the walls, but haven't mounted them yet. The walls are plaster and we need a drill to put up picture hangers. 
The kitchen is a lot larger than most of the kitchens in Toronto. 

One of the nicest things about our new apartment is the view. We can see downtown Toronto from our windows and balcony. We can see Lake Ontario and even see lights from Niagara Falls area and New York at night.
View of the CN Tower from our apartment
View of Lake Ontario from our apartment
The photo does not do justice to the night scene from our apartment.
Toronto by night from our apartment

We got a call on Friday morning (Canada Day) about a Portuguese barbecue at the Landim family's house. they are Brazilian, but attend the Toronto Ward rather than the Cristie Ward. We had a good time and a lot of good food.

Landim family
Missionaries at the barbecue
Food preparation for the barbecue
Friday night we sat out on our balcony and watched the fireworks for Canada Day. They came from every corner of the city. We were even able to see some from across Lake Ontario.

Fireworks for Canada Day
Thought you would like to know, we have adopted another daughter. She is Hermana Wheeler (Spanish speaking) from Idaho Falls. She is in a "threesome" companionship so we were able to have her with us for a couple of days this week. She is delightful and a very good missionary.

Sister Wheeler and Hermana Wheeler working on curtains for the apartment
A new apartment is the small change in our missionary life. Also this week: President and Sister Eyre left on Monday; The McNabbs left on Tuesday; President Brower took over the responsibility of the combined mission on Friday; and the Mayos will be leaving as soon as they can close up the mission office. Who said change wasn't fun?

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Wow! What a great view from your apartment. It will be nice to have a permanent residence.