Sunday, September 18, 2011

President Scott

Most of our week seems normal now: going to the supply room on Monday, having ESL on Tuesday evening and Saturday morning, and trying to make contacts around town. We walked around Dundas and College streets on Tuesday, walking through Kensington  Square (a Hippie-type area) and stopping in a Portuguese lace shop. We also passed by the African drum shop where they were playing in a drum circle. They were playing a game where if they called out a name the person would arrive. He called out my name (from a month ago) and sure enough, we arrived.

He remembered my name
Kensington Square

Fits my limited diet

Is meese really the plural for moose?
We had new missionaries for ESL this week because of the transfer. Here are the missionaries in our district. Elder Germann came from Kitchner replacing Elder Te'o (who was transfered to Brampton) to be our zone leader with Elder Sitton. Elder Robinson came all the way from Sault Ste Marie replacing Elder Ruttan (who became a zone leader in Sudbury) to be our new district leader. Sister Barton came from Berlington to replace Sister Phillips who was changed from an English-speaking missionary in the Toronto Ward to a Spanish-speaking missionary in the Christie Ward replacing Sister Crosby who went home.
Elder Germann and Elder Sitton
Elder Robinson and Elder Bruce
Sister Hodgkin and Sister Barton
Sister Phillips and Sister Fotheringham
Elder Sitton gave us a contact for a Brazilian he met on the bus. He didn't have a name nor phone number, but had an address and a time (7:30 on Wednesday) we could visit. We went there and of course, no one was home. Since we were in the neighborhood, we passed by Marcio's house (a member we have been trying to meet for two months, but he was never available). He was there with his wife who had returned from Brazil following cancer treatments. It was one of those times when you go out to do one thing, but accomplish something else in its place.

We had our second institute class on Thursday evening. Only five out of ten of the students who attended the first night returned. We had six new students, however.

Friday afternoon was our zone conference with President Scott. We really enjoyed it, there is a calm, peaceful feeling he brings with him. Past zone conferences would have two or more zones meeting together. This one was only our zone, which made it more personal. It also means a lot more work for President Scott who has three solid weeks of zone conferences. After the conference we were able to go to a shwarma place to eat (a middle-eastern restaurant) with President & Sister Scott, the Carrols, and the APs.
Dinner with the Scotts and Carrolls
A few more pictures around the city.
Elder Wheeler likes the arched brickwork on some houses
Insert a quarter to use a shopping cart (refundable if you return the cart)
We found the Brazilian restaurant where we ate the first night inToronto
Immigrant statue in Little Italy
 Since we had zone conference on Friday we had our preparation day on Saturday (after going to ESL that is). We went to Black Creek Pioneer Village with the Dodges. We had seen the village 12 years ago on our way to New Hampshire for sabbatical. There was a festival going on which meant a lot of extra activities. It felt good to go back to the 1800s for awhile. Even though it is in Toronto, it is hard to tell.

Roblin's Mill
The mill was actually operating during the festival
Sister Wheeler carrying maple syrup
This is not a witches brew, it's a hand wheat grinder
 On the way back we stopped at Northwood Park to see where John Taylor was baptized (at least where they think it happened).

Place of baptism for JohnTaylor?

Elder and Sister Dodge with Sister Wheeler

Sister and Elder Wheeler

 Another week is gone and so are we.

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