Sunday, April 22, 2012

Portuguese missionaries for the day

Last week we got a call from Marzia (the Brazilian lady we helped teach in Toronto) requesting a visit, so on Monday we became Portuguese missionaries again for a day. After a long drive we met the Portuguese elders (Elder DeMoura, Elder Amorim, and Elder Crane) for lunch. We then visited Marzia and her son Mateus, who is now seven years old. It gave us a chance to speak Portuguese again as well as letting Marzia practice her English. It was fun to return to our old stomping grounds, but we are happy to be in Campbellford.

The Toronto moose we often passed while driving in Toronto
On Tuesday we went to Belleville for our district meeting. We must have been tired from the travel on Monday because we went through town and were about to turn on the road toward the 401 freeway when we remembered we were on the wrong road to go to Belleville. We turned around and were only a few minutes late. Isn't repentance wonderful? It was an extra spiritual meeting, reflecting on the love Christ has for us and the gift of charity we have for those with whom we work.

Sister Beasley and Sister Jungart prepared cake for the district meeting
We had a day without traveling in the car on Wednesday.  We walked all over Campbellford, visiting the Grattons. Buotts and attempting to visit others. As we were walking along we passed by Meheffin's house and noticed she had returned from a lengthy visit with her granddaughter so we stopped by to visit her. She has a nonmember friend named Debbie whom she would like us to meet on Friday.

One of the local Campbellford citizens
 Thursday was our day to help Mary at the Family History Center. Mary and Joan usually manage the center when it is open each Thursday, but we help out when one (or both) of them can't make it.

We got up early Friday and headed East to Kingston to have interviews with President Scott. It meant another day of driving. The GPS showed we would arrive early so we stopped by at Loyalist to visit Babcock Mill on the way.

Sign for Babcock Mill
Babcock Mill
We were able to meet Elder and Sister Bosch who are replacing the Firmages in Smith Falls. They are from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and have lived "off the grid" (that means using solar power) for the past 28 years. It was good to get to know them. We also enjoyed our interviews with President Scott. I guess we are doing what we need to be doing in Trent Hills.

Elder and Sister Bosch
 The Judds, ancestors of Sister Wheeler, lived in Leeds County, Upper Canada (Ontario) from about 1797 (when they moved from Connecticut) to about 1836 when they heard the gospel from John E. Page and moved to Kirtland, Ohio. As long as we were in the neighborhood we decided to wander through their territory. We were able to find some Judd headstones (probably not related) and also Knapp headstone (probably not related). Most of all we were able to get a feel for the area and imagine an apostle roaming the countryside to find her ancestors.

Delta Mill
Passage between Large and Small Beverly lakes
Countryside in Leeds County
Could this have been their home - no!
Judd headstones
 We returned to Campbellford in time to visit Meheffin and her two friends, Debbie and Chuck. We were able to give them a short lesson. Chuck attended church with us on Sunday.

Meheffin (sitting) with Debbie and Chuck
 On Saturday we were on the road again, this time to Brampton for an all-day Public Affairs training meeting. President Holt was not feeling well and asked us to substitute for him. It was a very informative meeting, but resulted in not celebrating Elder Wheeler's birthday. That's OK, though. Who needs a birthday as a missionary?

Sunday was a nice day since we didn't have to travel (except for the 9 miles to church). The Firmages completed their mission last week, returned home to Maine, and stayed with us Sunday night on their way to visit family in the west.

We have been doing a lot of distance travel this week. We are tired and ready for some rest.

The small sign says "out of gas"
This station is often out of gas because the owner doesn't order enough.

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