Sunday, May 20, 2012

Anyone for scrambled brains?

As we described in the last blog, Mother's Day was a busy day, but not quite like a Mother's Day. At least sister Wheeler knew she was loved.
Mother's Day flowers from church
A big hug with all the hands from Andrea's family
 Elder Wheeler's birthday passed last month, but he got a care package from Don and Nadine - Thanks. It included three boxes of Corn Chex (gluten-free). that may sound strange, but we have not been able to find Corn Chex in Canada, Rice Chex, yes, but no Corn Chex. The care package went well with the gluten-free licorice sent by Richard & Virginia.

Corn Chex - not labeled in French

We got permission from the primary president to clean out the primary closet. Since she is helping her husband recover from open-heart surgery, she doesn't have time to do it herself. That gave us a good activity for Monday.
Primary closet looking better
Tuesday was transfer day which meant going to the temple in Brampton with the out-going missionaries. We will really miss Sister Fotheringham who had been with us the whole time we were in Toronto. We had a very nice session, handing out 28 male names and 8 female names for Mary in our branch. Instead of the traditional pot luck for the senior missionaries after the session we went to a fish-and-chips restaurant. We have a lot of couples leaving and several arriving.

Sister Cheng, Fotheringham, and Wheeler
Mission mother, Sister Scott - always on the phone
Missionary couples
Elder Germann and Henderson - tired APs
 We were back in Belleville on Wednesday for district meeting. The missionaries from Nappanee, Elder Stubbs and Tripp (both went home) were replaced by Sister Hurst (from Idaho) and Sister Meng (from China). We knew Sister Hurst in Toronto. It will be fun having her back in our district.
Sister Meng and Hurst join Sister Jungert
We were able to have another long walk through Ferris Park on Thursday. We mentioned the hymn "Oh, How Lovely Was the Morning" in our last blog. We understand that poetic license is often taken in writing hymns. No mention is made of mosquitos, biting black flies, nor poison ivy.
Poison ivy season is starting
This log would make a giant didjeridu

Thursday gave us a chance to catch up on several members of the branch. We called Lisa to find out when we could meet her mother who lived in the same duplex (we had just learned that she was also a member of the branch). We learned that their house burned down on Monday. They didn't need any immediate assistance, but at least they know members of the church are asking about them. If we had not met Lisa earlier and got her new phone number we would not have been able to contact them at all.

We were informed that the city had a dedication service for a new splash pad that they installed in a city park. We decided it would be good to show a presence at the community activity, and sure enough, some of the members of the choir were also there and recognized us.
The mayor and foundation officers at the dedication
The new splash pad in action
The skateboard (and bike) attraction in the park

 We hurried off to dinner with Doris and Eileen in Marmora. After dinner we passed by to see if we could finally meet Angel after many attempts. She is a delightful lady with three daughters. She is not interested in visits from the church (except maybe one a year), but said we could return before we end our mission.
Angel with Sister Wheeler
On Friday, our normal preparation day, we had a long walk in Seymour Conservation area, this time visiting the limestone quarry. We went to the library and had a nice dinner with Mary.
The limestone quarry 
Where do orphans eat breakfast? - The mushroom (were you stumped?)
When we had dinner with Mary on Friday she told us she was planning to go to Buckhorn (way up north) on Saturday and invited us to go along. She does very well at getting around in her wheel chair, and driving her van, but she likes having others join her on her excursions (incase she may need some help). This time it was for a crafts fair. It was a beautiful drive through the woods and a lovely small village. There were a lot of booths set up with crafts for sale. Sister Wheeler found a hat to keep her head from burning in the summer. Elder Wheeler made friends with an Italian glass blower named Asem who said he would like to read the Book of Mormon.
Mary, Joan, and Sister Wheeler
Elder Wheeler with Asem
Lunch time
 On the way back we stopped at the Gallery by the Lake, a top-notch art gallery.

Beautiful art for those who can afford it
Our three new investigators?
The lake by the gallery
President Holt has been down all week with a sore leg. He was taken to the hospital in Campbellford on Friday. After we returned from Buckhorn, we took Sister Holt from her home in Havelock to the hospital. She is waiting for cataract surgery on  her eyes and can't drive. Monday is Victoria Day in Canada and the branch has a service project planned. We volunteered to do the shopping for the food for the Monday activity. It made for a long day.

Elder Wheeler is going senile. He was enthralled in listening to the Sunday School lesson when Sister Rowan came up and asked if he could give a primary lesson in case she couldn't get back from taking her husband home. Brother Rowan is still recovering from his heart surgery and attended sacrament meeting, but felt too tired to stay for the other meetings. He quickly read through the lesson and was ready to give it when Russ came looking for him. He was scheduled to give the priesthood lesson and forgot all about it. Fortunately, Sister Holt (C) was in primary with Sister Wheeler and was able to give the primary lesson with less preparation than Elder Wheeler had. Such is life on a mission.

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