Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lavender anyone?

Summer is finely here. We pass the city pool on our walks and it looks refreshing. Maybe next summer.
We have had a week of being indoors more, which means we have been able to stay some what cool. We have been preparing for our class, Elder Wheeler has been working on the branch boundaries for our district, and Sister Wheeler is working on the inventory for the library at the church, and typing up the corrections on the membership records, that we have been able to get the information for, so that others don't have to try to read Elder Wheeler's writing.
Cooling it in Campbellford

This week was our first institute (oops, adult religion class). We prepared a lot of material to introduce the Pearl of Great Price as a power-point then burned it onto a DVD so we could use the TV at the church rather than take the laptop and projector. Preparation came between our regular activities of organizing the church library (Monday), district meeting in Belleville (Tuesday), and taking a morning walk through Ferris Park (Wednesday). We had a good turnout (14 - which is more than we got to our class in Toronto) and it was a lot of fun.

Here is our adult religion class - Thursday evenings
We read about the Summerfest being held in Belleville on Friday so we decided to take a look. There wasn't much to see, but it included free parking.
Belleville spinning club
The Front Street train
 We decided to take a drive through Prince Edward County, since some of Sister Wheeler's ancestors may have lived there. We walked around Picton then drove along the south side of the island and back home.

Hay in the fields of Prince Edward County
Painting in Picton
Prince Edward County - wine country

 We had a branch activity on Saturday. They called it a family-home-evening, but it was a branch away-from-home day. We went to the Scott lavender farm for their annual festival. We were able to see four varieties of lavender, taste lavender lemonade and ice cream, and wander around the gardens.

Sister Wheeler and Sister Holt in lavender
Gardens and lavender fields from the barn
Wheat crop
Penny, Mary, and Sister Wheeler in the barn

The barn from the lavender field
Penny pining away
The shady characters in our branch

 We then drove to Brighton for lunch at Sister Holt's (H) sister's restaurant. Brighton was having a street festival as well. Everyone seemed to like the chocolate store with authentic-tasting gelato.
At the restaurant
Sister Wheeler with the Holts at the chocolate store

Sunday was a tiring day. It might be as much from the heat as from the activities of the past two days although we have been about 10 degrees cooler than Washington, Arizona, Utah, or the eastern US. Even more travel is in store for next week.

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