Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Carpenter

This was a work week; not so much missionary work as work work. On Monday we tried to group manuals, etc in the cabinets in the library. We had 13 plastic and 5 cardboard magazine holders that didn't fit in the cabinets, so we cut them down to size. It makes the cabinet shelves look a lot better.

Elder Wheeler cutting off his tie (oops, a magazine file)
Tuesday we had our regular district meeting in Belleville. We hurried home for a quick lunch then went to the Campbellford Holts to help with their deck. They got a new swimming pool and needed to extend their deck to the new pool. We will be having a branch activity there for "Civic Holiday" August 6th. Canada needs to have at least one holiday each month so they made up one for August. We hurried home to clean up quickly then went to the Shearon's for dinner.

The work crew at the Holts
Wednesday was another busy day. We spent the morning working on our Pearl of Great Price class (the Fall of Adam and Eve) then went back to the Holts to work some more on the deck. We went to Marmora in the evening to have dinner with the Sedore family. We returned to the church to help President Holt clean out the files in the branch clerk's office. There are items from more than 10 years ago that are no longer needed. We only got about half the work done and will need to return for more.

On Thursday we got the media ready for our class (burning videos onto a DVD). We needed to do major grocery shopping. When we look at the prices we don't feel like buying anything, but we know we need to. They sometimes run out of needed items, for example, the store didn't even have celery. We had our Pearl of Great Price class in the evening. We compared the plan of salvation to a 3-act play and introduced the Fall of Adam and Eve to the transition between Act 1 and Act 2 (mortality).

We took a little road trip on Friday. It was a hot day, but the air conditioning in the car felt good. We went to Brighton to deposit our money for September. We need to be about a month ahead because the money doesn't become available immediately. We lost about $50 in the exchange rate. Since we parked at Sobey's, a grocery store, we got a watermelon.
An archway in Brighton
We followed the coast of Lake Ontario to Cobourg. The beach looked inviting (another time, perhaps). They were having a festival on main street. Most of the towns have festivals during the summer. It is more like a sidewalk sale with a few food vendors thrown in. The streets are always blocked off for the festivals.
Rose garden in Cobourg
Beach at Cobourg
Cobourg street festival
Victoria Hall in Cobourg

We went on to Port Hope. There wasn't much to see, but the Mosher family (ancestors of Sister Wheeler) used to live there. It may have changed a little since then. On the way back to Campbellford we stopped briefly at the Seymour Conservation Area to see the quarry. It was a pleasant little swimming spot.
Swimmers in the quarry

 Saturday morning started with a long walk along the Trans-Canada Trail. It looks very different in the summer with all the plants growing. There are still a few scenes of farms along the way.
Farm along the Trans-Canada Trail

Saturday was the Campbellford Waterfront Festival. We decided to walk down to it and see what was going on. We want to be out where people are so that our presence is known.  It was a hot day, but there were a lot of activities that reminded us of small-town celebrations with ice cream eating contests, canoe races, inner tube races in the water, sack races, and three-legged races. We also went to the United Church where they had a craft fair. 
Passing the fire station
Ice cream eating contest
3-legged race
Craft fair at the United Church
Campbellford from under the bridge
Canoe race
Dramatization for kids of King Arthur
 We were wearing out because of the heat, so we walked back home for lunch.  It's only about a mile each way. On the way back we saw a thermometer that read 43 C (110 F). Sister Wheeler didn't think it was that hot (the high was forecasted to be 90 F), but she didn't convince me. We didn't return for the fireworks which started at 10:00 p.m.

It's HOT

 We got the official picture from the Senior's barbeque so we decided to include it on this post. There was a couple that had just arrived but they were too tired from their travel to attend.
Senior missionaries of the Canada Toronto Mission

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