Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cleanup on the TCT

We don't know why it takes so long to prepare a simple lesson. Maybe Abraham 3 isn't so simple which includes everything we know about Kolob (except for Kolob Canyon in Utah) and the premortal life. Anyway, Monday was spent in getting ready for our Pearl of Great Price class.

Tuesday was preparation day for our Saturday service project. Prime Minister Harper called for a day of service to remember 9/11 (Doug's birthday). The branch had selected a trail in Havelock to clean, but in walking the trail, they learned there wasn't anything to pick up. There is one section of the Trans-Canada Trail where we walk that has been used as a trash dump (for those not willing to pay the $2.75 per bag for a waste tag). We made arrangements with the Municipality of Trent Hills to clean up the trail. They probably didn't even know there was a problem there. We started the morning by walking along the trail to make sure there was work to do. We then picked up trash bags and gloves from the city to use on Saturday. We spent the afternoon driving to Madoc, Havelock, and Trent River to deliver notices about the activity to those who were not at church to hear the announcement.

Wednesday brought district meeting in Kingston. They talked about the Ward (branch) Mission Process which centers around the Branch Mission Leader (which we don't have in the Trent Hills branch). We had a new senior couple to serve in Brockville, the Hutchinsons, from Salt Lake.

Big horse ranch by the Kingston chapel
The Kingston zone
Sister and Elder Hutchinson
For the past several visits to Kingston we have looked for the Kingston Woolen Mill at the end of Cataraqui street. This time we looked it up on GoogleEarth and found it was in the opposite direction we had been looking. We could not find the street on the map. We passed by it on the way home.

Kingston Woolen Mill - now an office building
Sister Wheeler had a special Relief Society activity at the church on Thursday. For Christmas, the branch has a display of nativity scenes and invite the public to see them. For the activity the sisters sewed table clothes to be used for the display. Meanwhile, Elder Wheeler stayed home and prepared a DVD to be used for the class in the evening. It took over two hours to burn the DVD after it was all put together. The class in the evening was fun to teach.
It was a foggy morning, but not this foggy
Friday was a rainy day and we had a long list of things that needed catching up on. We at least needed to go to the store, but it was raining so hard we decided to postpone our shopping. We were very concerned about the weather for Saturday. We really need the rain, but we also need the service project.

Saturday was the big day - and no rain. We gathered about 10:00 am at our apartment building, put on our yellow "helping Hands" vests, went to the trail, and got to work. We underestimated the amount of trash piled up along side the trail. We filled 12 large bags plus some old carpeting and three tires. Debbie Holt (C) arranged for the newspapers to document the activity so we had two photographers (from two different newspapers) there. They were also surprised at the condition of the trail. It will look a lot better as we take a morning walk along that stretch. The city will pick up the bags on Monday.

Dressed in yellow
Ready to go
This was just from the roadside
Bags along the trail
After the activity we met in our apartment for a chili lunch prepared by Mary. Since she couldn't help with the cleanup she helped with the food. Overall the activity was very successful and we felt very good about it.
Ready for lunch in the apartment
 Sunday brought a surprise. As we walked into the chapel we saw Chris. We were able to teach him the first two missionary lessons a few month ago. He was baptized the first of July in Ohio (where he lives). Even though he was baptized in Ohio we will claim him in Trent Hills. The branch was very warm in welcoming him.
Here we are with Chris
It's finally official. Elder Wheeler was sustained and set apart by President Bennett today as the new Elder's Quorum president. Two counselors (Craig Goslin and Ed David) were also sustained and set apart. There was a good spirit in the meeting. This is the first time in many years there has been a elder's quorum presidency in Trent Hills. The purpose in the next few weeks is to train the presidency on how an elder's quorum functions in the church. After that, they are on their own. It was decided today that we will have the primary presentation for sacrament meeting next week. As long as there are now children in the primary there might as well be a presentation. Sister Wheeler will be helping with the program next week. She also volunteered to teach the Relief Society lesson today. Maybe we can stay out of trouble until our mission ends.

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