Sunday, February 2, 2014

January 2014 Highlights

A new year is here again. It doesn't seem that long ago that Dad and Dave were arguing over Y2K and what year the "real" millennium would start. Well, this year New Years Day had temperatures above freezing so we were able to take a walk. There haven't been that many walks this month, however.
January thaw?
Frustrated with her old computer, I told Diane I would get her a new computer with a touch screen running Windows 8. Now she has the frustration getting Windows 8 to do what she wants it to do. Her famous saying is, "If I can think about it, why can't all of those smart people developing the software think about it?" I have to agree.
Diane puzzled over scripture study

Diane's Relief Society activity for the month was on Comfort Foods, which included demonstrations for Chicken Casserole, Spaghetti Sauce (by Andrea), and of course Chocolate Lava Cake. When it's too cold to walk you might as well eat in comfort.

Phyllis, one of our ward members, gives a neighborhood luncheon each month so nonmembers of the church can get to know members. Diane was the honored guest this month and was given a flower (Paper Whites). It had nice white blossoms on tall stems, so tall it kept falling over. Once the blooms faded she cut the stems off and will save the bulbs for planting.

Diane decided she needed to work on a project each month. This month was her JOY project made out of painted (and papered) wood). It will be nice for next Christmas.
Diane brings JOY to our home
One Saturday we went to Layton for a Travel Expo. There were many booths set up for guided tours and cruises for the whole world. When I asked for information about Central Asia they showed tours to China and Thailand - I wanted Kazakistan and Uzbekistan.

Alyssa turned 11-years-old this month (Jan 16th). She's growing up fast, but is still in primary. She wanted an apple pie (instead of a birthday cake) so Paul was able to eat it. 
Get the pie lit, Alyssa
Where's the fire marshall when you need him?
Smile, this is family fun!
11-year-old girls still like toys
Things are always humming when you have a family of 10. Hanna is anxious to turn 16 next month; Kamary is constantly singing, hoping for a good part in Into the Woods; Allyssa is now only a year away from Young Womens; Kohler and Lauren are learning Chinese in school; and Brynlie is enjoying pre-school. Meanwhile, Paul is teaching an engineering class at USU, Jason is busy with his new job; Andrea is practicing the cello, and Diane is trying to hold it all together. We get together each evening for dinner and each week for Family Home Evening.

Kamary on her bed (her personal kingdom)

Andrea and her new love - the cello
Brynlie, is this what they teach in pre-school?
Family Home Evening game
This was also the month to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Hillcrest Elementary School had a special International night to highlight their Chinese and Portuguese classes. Both Kohler and Lauren are in the Chinese class. Lauren was chosen to give a poem in Chinese to the audience. She did very well. We also had a special evening at home with a full Chinese dinner and other Chinese activities.
Lauren gives her Chinese poem 
Kohler (in the hat) speaking Chinese
Lauren gives a Chinese goodbye
It's been a quiet month in Lake Woebegone (Oh, that's a cold month in Logan, Utah).

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