Monday, May 19, 2014

April 2014 Highlights

We think spring has come, although we have still had some snow and cold days. April is the month for Baby Animal Days at the American West Heritage Center and We helped out by driving the train and being pioneers. Andrea was able to bring some of the grandchildren for one of the days.
Lunch time at AWHC
That doesn't look like a horse to me!
April is also the month for General Conference when we can hear from our church leaders. As usual we had a lot of excellent talks.

Diane was in charge of a special Relief Society activity, "Getting to Know You". Each sister placed three special items in a paper bag. they passed the bags around in a circle until the music stopped and a bag was opened to show the contents. they then tried to guess whose the bag was. Diane placed a piano music box to represent music, a package of seeds to represent gardening, and a book on cleaning your house to represent her housekeeping. There were 28 sisters in attendance and they all seemed to have a good time. Hurrah for Diane - another success.

Paul, meanwhile, had a tooth taken out. It didn't heal until the oral surgeon went back in, removed bone fragments, and filed down the sharp edges of the jaw. He hasn't had much fun eating this month. He also completed the class he was teaching at USU. He has really enjoyed working with the students again. He helped at the Varsity Games (a regional activity for Varsity Scouts at Weber High School in Ogden) by supervising the checkers and chess contests. It would have helped if he were better at playing these games.
Checkers anyone?
The big excitement this month was getting a new bishopric (since our bishop became our new stake president). There was a cascading effect in callings in the ward, but they didn't affect us (except for the people we report to).

All of a sudden our appliances are wearing out. First it was the washing machine that wouldn't drain. Fortunately we were able to replace the pump and motor and it was working after several days of not doing the wash. Next it was the dishwasher, which unfortunately had to be replaced. The new one is so quiet that we can't tell when it is on. Then came the lawn mower that wouldn't start, also replaced by a new one. What next? Luckily the clothes dryer still works.
Kamary crawling into the dryer
As usual we had our special performances by the grandchildren. The older primary girls had a special activity day in which they displayed their talents. Alyssa played the cello and sang with others of the girls.
Alyssa and her cello
Alyssa singing with the other girls
The whole cast
 Meanwhile the elementary school had a special musical program we found out about at the last minute (actually past the last minute). At least Kohler and Lauren were able to join their classes in song.
Kohler sings
Lauren also
Other special activities include attending the performance of "The Merry Wives of Windsor" at the university. It was a lot of fun and brought back good memories for Diane when she was in the chorus at Rick's College when they performed the same musical.

Another special even was the brief visit from Paul's brother David. It was sad that the death of his brother-in-law brought him to Utah, but we really enjoyed visiting.

Also Andrea was able to attend a 2-day conference for LDS writers in Layton. It meant double duty for watching the grandchildren, but Andrea really enjoyed the conference and wished she had more time to write.

Amidst all of this, Paul had another birthday. Birthdays are a lot more fun when there are grandchildren around to help celebrate. He always enjoys the strawberry-banana pie Diane makes for him (and gluten-free too).
Kamary's punny card
Some people think that Logan is really out in the country. We do too when we hear a noise in front of our house and look out the window to find a couple of large bales of hay on the street.
Hay, what's going on?
April also brings Easter which lets us pause and reflect on our Savior Jesus Christ - his example in life and his atonement in the Garden and on the cross, and his marvelous resurrection which leaves us with hope in the future.

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