Sunday, August 17, 2014

July 2014 Highlights

You already know the big news for July - our mission call - so everything else is just whizzing by. We have been volunteering again at the American West Heritage Center and spent several days as pioneers (even on Pioneer Day). It has been a hot month, but we are glad we can serve the community.
Flag ceremony for Pioneer Day
We also had a grand celebration for the 4th of July on July 3rd (as is the custom in Logan. We staked out an area right outside the stadium where we could hear the music form the stadium and have a good view of the fireworks.
Brynlie dancing to the music 
Hanna creating cross-stitch patterns
Our flags: Utah and the USA 
Andrea and Kamary playing cards on Alyssa's back
Diane and her puzzle book
The fireworks are always exceptional - provided by Fireworks West, owned by our stake president (former bishop).
Fireworks on the 3rd of July
This has been a month for music. Andrea and Alyssa finished up summer orchestra where they play cello. Andrea has been playing clarinet in the Cache Community Band (which played in parades and concerts for Independence Day) as well as the Alumni Band which gives a nice concert on Sunday evenings.
Listening to the band - Andrea joined the band following this concert
The Alumni Band
Kamary turned 14 this month. She was treated to tickets for the musical "Wicked" in Salt Lake. Since she spent her birthday away from Logan we decided we would go to Salt Lake a week earlier to see "Wicked" ourselves. We tried to find a room at the Shilo Inn close to the theater, but they were all booked up. We went outside the hotel and booked a room through the Internet and were able to stay there. 
Who is the Wicked one?
 The next day we walked around Salt Lake. We were able to practice our Portuguese on Temple Square with a young man from Brazil (now living in Barcelona) and a lady missionary from Brazil.
Window washers in Salt Lake
 We stopped in Ogden and checked on our old family home. It is still there and the family living there is taking good care of it.
Family home in Ogden
We took another trip to Salt Lake later in the month to make arrangements for our visas. It is good to get away now and then. 
A walk in the park
Say hello to the pond jumpers!
We also got a call from Steve & Melissa who were visiting from California, but didn't have time to go all the way to Logan. We decided to meet them half way - Layton. We had lunch at the Olive Garden (yes, they were able to provide some gluten-free pasta) the went to Layton Commons Park where the kids could play while the parent's talked.
Talking in the park
Hanna and Kamary went to girl's camp this month. Andrea went with them. Paul decided to take the other 4 grandchildren to the park for playground time and a wade in the canal. They didn't play much  at the playground and the water was too cold for wading, but they liked running up and sliding down the sandhill on the other side of the canal. 
Brynlie on the playground mountain
Hey, this water is cold!
Rolling down the hill
Sliding down the sandhill
We also went to the Aquatic Center for a family swimming party. For some reason the grandchildren like the water (if it isn't too cold).
Alyssa and Kamary
Andrea with Lauren, Brynlie and Kohler
We had a little excitement when our neighbors, the Murphy's, reported an electrical transformer leaking oil in their yard. The city was afraid it might "blow up" at any time so they decided to replace it.
The power truck 
That's no 120V
We see a lot of "dressing up" around the house. Notice how fast Alyssa is changing.
Who's that stylish girl?
It's Super Alyssa
With a family like ours we celebrate a lot of birthdays, but why do we celebrate Harry Potter's birthday. Kamary says "But, he's not even real". I hate to tell Kamary, "Neither is Sherlock Holmes". 
The shepherd's pie, butter beer (butterscotch in cream soda), black caldron cupcakes, ton-tongue toffee, pretzel wands, and any-flavor beans (Jelly Belly Beans) were delicious, even if he doesn't really exist. 
Say that one more time and I'll zap you with my wand

You may not know, but at times it is hard to find good gluten-free bread for the sacrament. Sometimes we just luck out, however.
Holey bread for the sacrament?
It has been a busy month. We wonder what August will bring.

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