Sunday, January 18, 2015

First Baptism

We had our first baptism on Saturday and confirmation today. This is extra special because it has been so long in coming. Solange joined the church many years ago, served a mission in Brazil, and moved to the US. She has talked to her parents for 30 years about the church and they had received the missionary lessons several times, but they were not interested in joining the church. Her parents often visited her in Salt Lake and would even attend meetings at times. When her mother, Val, came to visit in December she didn't plan on being baptized, but through several small miracles she decided it was time. We were privileged to assist the elders in teaching her the missionary lessons. I acted as the translator for her interview with the district leader. Val was really excited about being baptized. She talked to her husband in Brazil who is supportive (and next in the family to join). We had the last lesson on Tuesday, the interview on Friday, the baptism on Saturday, and the confirmation on Sunday.
Elder Telles & Elder Grahl Batista with Val and Solange (and the Wheelers)
Diane was asked to play the piano for the baptism and I led the music. Believe it or not, the music had to be played in Portuguese. Some of the hymns have different rhythms to fit the different words.

Such a natural at the piano
We had a nice district meeting this week. There is a good spirit about the young missionaries as they give their hearts to the work of the Lord. Elder Aguilar (our district leader) is from Mexico. His companion, Elder Kimball is from Peru. The sisters in our district are Sister Meyers from Oregon and Sister Lopez form Texas. 
Elder Aguilar and Elder Kimball
Sister Meyers and Sister Lopez
Wednesday morning was our training meeting as MLS missionaries. There is a lot of excitement among the older missionaries.

Yes we also worked on technology during the week. During the day our small room becomes an office. At times we both work at the little table and other times Diane gets the table and I get the bed. We are actually able to get a lot done. On Tuesday afternoon since we were in Riverton for our district meeting we made contact with the ICS department of the church. It felt good to communicate with them again and take our next steps as ATSs for Brazil. Whenever we get an email from one of the STSs in Brazil it makes us want to get there quickly.

We haven't been able to get our walks in like we are used to. On Saturday we decided we should take a nice walk. We parked near Gardner Village and walked along a trail beside the Jordan River. It was good to get out again. We need to do it more often.
Diane ready for our walk
A bridge crossing the Jordan River
A small lake by the river
There is an area just east of us where we always get lost. We tend to be there at nighttime and get on the wrong road to return to our room. We decided to scout it out during the daytime. It ends up that 7200 South (our street) curves around and becomes Fort Union Blvd. That's why we could never find our street at night (also the street signs are faded out such they are hard to see even during the day and impossible at night). We bought a small speaker so our videos we use for lessons can be heard easily. We also got an adapter so we can connect our Macbook or iPad to the TV via HDMI. Modern, aren't we? 

Well, we are still waiting for our visas, trying to keep busy with MLS work and technology work. Some day we will be in Brazil and this will all be a dream.

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