Sunday, May 31, 2015

Place where the fish stops

The saying says to stop and smell the roses - I don't know about roses, but there are other flowers around to enjoy.
Flowers along the sidewalk
Flowering tree
On Monday we had two family home evenings. The first was with the senior couple missionaries. Since we missed Cinco de Maio, Sister Zaugg prepared a Vinte-cinco de maio (25 of May) dinner.
Happy Vinte-Cinco de Maio
 Cris is a member of the ward who lives across the hall from us. She invited us for a family home evening at her parent's apartment in another building of our apartment complex. It was a good chance to meet members of our ward.
Family home evening in Portuguese
Put a matchstick on the bottle game
Wednesday they had a Church Technology Expo that Emerson and Paulo were to attend. Emerson couldn't go so I took his place. We learned two things: 1) the LDS Church is way ahead of other churches in the use of technology; 2) technology is commonly used in other churches to draw attention to themselves with big productions, whereas in the LDS Church it is to carry the word to others so that they can feel the spirit for themselves. 
Selecting cameras for production
Paulo checking out a new camera
We had another training trip this weekend, this time to Piracicaba (Tupi for "the place where the fish stops") about 2-hours out of São Paulo. On Saturday we visited technology specialists at chapels within their stakes. We first went to Hortolândia Stake, where we met Eduardo (the first Stake Technology Specialist we actually met here in Brazil). He works for IBM, teaches piano, and was in Santa Cruz do Sul on a mission. 
Eduardo showing the satellite equipment
 He then took us to see the Jardim Amanda chapel where he attends. We met with some missionaries there.
In front of the Jardim Amanda chapel
We then went to meet Guilherme at the Sumaré stake center (Villa Fora building). They had just split a ward last week. We were going to visit Matão, but no one had keys to get in.

In front of the new ward map
Sumaré stake center
 No it's not a chapel! We passed this house that looked interesting. Through the window you can read the power meter.
Who lives here?
 We then went to meet Felipe at the Americana stake center. There was a family history fair being held which made it very interesting. The main technology we saw was getting ready for an evening production.
Helamã backing up Paulo  
Now this is technology!
At the Family History fair in Americana
 We then went to the Cordeirápolise Branch chapel in the Rio Claro stake, but no one was there to let us in.
Cordeirápolise Branch chapel
We went on to the Rio Claro stake center where we met Henrique. They were having problems with the internet, which Paulo proceeded to work on.
Fixing the Internet?
Choir practice 
We then went to Piracaba where we checked into the hotel then proceeded to the food court in the "Shopping" for something to eat.
Picture in the hotel
Roasted potatoes at the "Shopping"
We got up early and headed for the breakfast buffet at the hotel.

Breakfast buffet
Piracicabe from the hotel window
We were planning to meet Helamã at the Piracaba 5th & 8th Ward building where they were having Internet problem, but he was not feeling good. We passed by the building anyway to see if it might be open. It was not.

Piracabe 5th & 8th Ward building
 We decided to visit São Pedro, a small branch about 40 km out of town. They recently changed locations so we had trouble fining the building. We passed a couple of missionaries that said it was really close. We gave them a ride to the building because it was raining a lot. It was close by young missionary standards, but not ours. It was fun to meet with a small branch.
São Pedro Branch

São Pedro building
 We then went on to the Piracicaba stake center where we went in late for sacrament meeting. Helamã was feeling better. His brother, Moroni, just got back from a mission to Porto Alegre South where he served in Baje.
Helamã, Moroni, and family
After church we went to see the falls in the river that made the fish stop, hence the name Piracicaba. There was a water museum close to the river. On the way, I told a joke. Paulo commented that Sister Wheeler was a saint and would go to heaven for sure for putting up with me. Breno asked what he meant and Paulo said that Sister Wheeler was a saint and didn't do anything wrong so she would go to heaven for sure. Breno responded, "Ohhh" being very impressed. I think he has a crush on her.

Paulo, Breno, and Sister Wheeler at the water museum
Breno with his new girlfriend
Bridal Veil Falls
Fall in the river (background)
We then returned to the stake center for the meeting of the coordinating council. We first met with the stake presidents for a presentation then had separate training for technology specialists and stake clerks.
Training for stake presidents
Training for technology specialists and stake clerks
So, we have had our second try at training. It's still very tiring, but we are doing our best. We will have another one next week, but it will be right in São Paulo.

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