Sunday, December 13, 2015

Feeling Better

The past two weeks we have been sick. This week we felt a lot better. It was a good thing because it was a busy week.

Monday we were responsible for Family Home Evening. I spent the morning making sure the projection system worked. Many of the couples come just before the FHE and have trouble getting it to work. One thing we have learned is to take time to really test things before you need to use them. The lesson was on Ipoméia, the beginning of the church in Brazil. I was fortunate enough as a missionary here 50 years ago to visit Ipoméia and meet some of the pioneers of the church. Diane fixed a taco soup that was loved by everyone.

Tuesday was a Christmas devotional by the Area Presidency. Elder Costa talked about not just reading the scriptures, but entering the scriptures - picturing yourself as being in the stories.

Friday we had a department party at lunch time. We had a secret friend for whom we purchased a small gift. During the week we went over to Butantã shopping to try to find something. I drew Diane's name, which made it tricky to get her a gift. We ate at Feijão Corda which is a restaurant with cuisine from the Northeast.

Dinner time
I got a Roberto Carlos DVD 
Diane got a tiger
We delayed our Portuguese class until 3 pm. It was Sister Cox's birthday so we had some cake as part of the class.
Happy Birthday Sister Cox
Half our class 
The other half
Since we have been in the apartment so much we decided to get out and see if we could find Christmas. We went to Paulista Avenue which was supposed to have a lot of Christmas decorations. There wasn't much there, but we did find a few things.

Crafts fair in the park
Welcome Santa!
Paul in the park
Nativity in a shopping center
Music of the street
Saturday evening we had our ward Christmas party. Brazilians eat late so we had the program first. There was a roadshow-type presentation by the youth that was very impressive. 

Nativity at the church 
Setup for the party
Youth "roadshow"
 The ward had their own orchestra - not as big as the cello section in our ward orchestra at home, but it was nice music.
Our ward orchestra
 The primary presented a part of the program.
Our primary
It was a very nice Christmas party. We got there about half an hour late and was still half an hour early. The party included  children running around the tables, typical of ward Christmas parties.

Today we got up early (4:30 am) to be picked up by Márcio at 6 am for a ride to the Taipas Ward in the north zone of São Paulo. We were invited by the bishop (Paulo from ICS) to teach about technology in the church.
Márcio and his wife
 We first gave training to the Ward Council. I guess it went OK. At least we were able to show a couple of Christmas videos.
Bishop Paulo at the ward council
They have a technology specialist (Deborah) assigned to their ward. It is good to see the women working in technology.

Deborah, the aTS
 We attended Priesthood/Relief Society meetings, Sunday School, and then both spoke in Sacrament Meeting. After church we went to Márcio's house for lunch, which gave time to talk with the bishopric and their families. He then took us back home, which is a 45 minute ride on Sunday (a lot longer on the weekdays).
Park from Márcio's house
Overall it has been a very busy week, but we are doing better even though we still get tired easily.

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