Sunday, April 10, 2016

Life of Seniors

You never can tell what a week will bring, even if it is planned. We had our first-of-the-month devotional on Monday, but almost no one was there. Everyone was gone for some reason or other. We had our regular Family Home Evening on Monday night.
Our neighborhood garage
 They said they were going to replace the carpet in the bedrooms with laminate wood flooring on Tuesday. It didn´t happen. Then again on Wednesday. It didn´t happen. In fact, it didn´t happen all week. On Tuesday, however we went over to Sodie Doce to celebrate Sister Zaugg´s birthday. Their daughter has been visiting from Germany so they just got back from seeing Florian├│polis, Foz do Igua├žu, and Rio de Janeiro.
Birthday time
Tuesday and Thursday Diane went in for physical therapy again. On Thursday we got a message to see if we could teach Elder DePaula´s English class. He had a heart attack in the morning with emergency surgery. Those who gave prayers in the class offered nice prayers in his behalf.

Friday we found ourselves heading for the airport again. this time we are going to Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte for training. On the way to the airport a motorboy passed by and knocked off the side mirror of the taxi. I don´t know why some people like to destroy things.
Old Time Auto
Broken mirror
 While waiting for our plane (the gate was changed at the last minute so we had to rush across the airport) I was working a Sudoku puzzle. I had recently read the "I Was A Stranger" website and a thought came to me - "open your eyes, open your heart". I put away the Sudoku puzzle and opened my eyes to those around me. I opened my heart and wondered what was their story. Even though I didn´t speak to anyone it brought a sense of caring for others. It was an enjoyable experience to get out of myself and think about others of our Father´s children.
Here we go again
The next post will be our experiences in Rio de Janeiro.

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