Sunday, May 15, 2016


This has been a quiet week beginning with me having a cold and ending with Diane having a cold.

Sunday night a sister in the ward came over to give Diane a Mother's Day present. It was very thoughtful.

Happy Mother's Day
We spent some time in the office this week and some time in the apartment. They are redoing the sidewalk in front of the temple and chapel. It means we walk a dusty trail, but it will be nice when they finish.
Tearing up the old sidewalk
A long dusty trail
Bricks for the new sidewalk
One part of the sidewalk about finished
We will be glad when they finish. 

On Saturday the Harts invited us to go to Santos with them. It's about a 1.5-hour drive from São Paulo on the coast. We have someone in the office who lives in Santos and commutes every day.

I had the job of navigating, which was not too hard using the GPS on my cell phone. Santos is a nice beach town and the largest harbor in South America.

Entrance into Santos
Discovery statue
Surf's up!
 We got a quick lunch at the downtown "Shopping" the went to the beach.
Tourist office in an old bonde (streetcar)
We were able to walk along the broad, lightly populated beach.

A sand dollar (or sand Real)
Jumping the Grand Canal
A walk along the beach
 We decided to take a scooner ride and ran into the Burkes and Kawais. It was a nice ride for a very good price.
Harts, Diane, Burkes, and Kawais
We went along the harbor to see all of the shipping docks. Brazilian products (like orange juice) are shipped all over the world while other products are imported.
Big container loading dock
Houses along the harbor
 Diane wasn't over her cold, but did OK.
Sea breeze for a cold
The boat was full of school kids on an outing. Several of the girls stopped to practice their English with the Burkes. It was a lot of fun.

School girls speaking English
There were a lot of other types of boats in the harbor.

Sailing anyone?
Some of the buildings along the harbor lean one direction or the other as the sand shifts.
Leaning buildings
I was navigator on the way back to São Paulo, but it was much more difficult in the dark. We kept taking the wrong roads and had difficulty getting back on the planned trail. We did make it back to São Paulo the scenic way (which we couldn't see because it was dark). We stopped for dinner at a Chinese restaurant close to our apartment.

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