Sunday, June 12, 2016

Winter is coming

I feel like I live in a ski resort. Everyone is bundled up in winter coats and scarfs. I guess winter will officially arrive in 9 more days. I started wearing a long-sleeve shirt and a sweater to walk to the office.

Friday night is our usual date night when we go out with the other couples for dinner and a movie, but this week we had two nights out. Maybe it was because of Dia das Namaradas (Valentine's Day) this Sunday.

Wednesday evening they have a small feira in our courtyard.
Wednesday night feira in the courtyard
We then went to a concert in Pinheiros. None of us had ever been to the cultural center where they held the concert that started at 8:30 pm. It was the Octet Villa-Lobos em Câmara playing arrangements of pieces from Brazil's best known classical composer, Villa-Lobos. It was actually 20th- century music, but listed under classical. We weren't allowed to take pictures, but you can see the before and after experiences.

Pinheiros street at night
The concert hall in Pinheiros
Americans ready for Brazilian classical music
 Our Friday night movie was at a theater on Paulista Avenue. The bus we took was stopped in traffic for a long time so we got off the bus and walked for several blocks to get to the theater.
Piled up traffic in São Paulo
It ended up that there was a large political demonstration on Paulista Avenue so all traffic, including the bus, was stopped. The group decided to go for Rodisio Pizza (where they bring around slices of pizza) so I went to the Divino Fogão, a buffet of country food.

The Divino Fogão
Food selection of typical Brazilian food
When we got out of the theater there was little left of the demonstration.
Political demonstrators
On Saturday we decided to find a little São Paul history through old houses. We took a bus to Casa da Fazinda, an old farmhouse that is now a reception center for weddings and other special events. they were preparing for a wedding, but we were able to look around anyway.
Casa da Fazinda
Reception area
Dining area
Tiny church in the garden
Farmhouse corner
From Casa da Fazenda we went across the street to see Capela do Morumbi. We had seen it before. It was built in 1949 in the style of a building of the earlier centuries.

Capela do Morumbi 
After lunch we took a bus to Casa do Bandeirante. This is a restored farmhouse of the 17th to 18th century. Loma, our guide, explained a lot about the construction techniques of the day. 
Casa do Bandeirante
Inside the house
In the outside kitchen with Loma
Front of the Casa do Bandeirante
 There is an old house we often see on the back way to the office. It is fenced off and closed, but we always wondered what it was. We found out it was the Casa do Sertanista, which is closed for restoration. We can't go in, but we passed by to take pictures from outside the fence. It's style is similar to the Casa dos Bandeirantes.
Casa do Sertanista
 We then went to see the Fundação Maria Luísa e Óscar Americano, a modern residence turned into a historical art collection.
Fundação Maria Luísa e Óscar Americano
Is this a fountain or swimming pool?
Restaurant - we didn't eat here 
It included an extensive park.
We couldn't take pictures of the 17th-century paintings by Frans Post, one of the earliest artists in Brazil.

We decided to walk back to the apartment. We passed Praça Vinícius de Moraes, which we had walked around on other days. 
Praça Vinícius de Moraes
It was a nice peaceful day (five bus rides and a long walk) with beautiful houses to see away from the noisy city.

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