Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fala Portuguese?

On Wednesday, Dec 29th, we got an e-mail from the Senior Missionary Department of the church that said, "Due to an error made by our staff, your call letter stated that you would speak English instead of Portuguese. Our system has been updated to show the correct language information and your stake president and mission president have been notified." So Diane is now studying Portuguese and we are reading the Book of Mormon in Portuguese (slowly...). I have an ASA conference (for which I have responsibilities) scheduled May 23-27 in Seattle. I checked with the missionary department in Salt Lake about entering the MTC on May 30th instead of May 16th. They said it was no problem and changed the date. I got a call on Dec 31st from the missionary department informing us that the mission president wants us there as soon as possible. He has been anxious for a Portuguese-speaking senior couple. We don't know when we will be entering the MTC, either in May 16th as previously scheduled or before (which would require some rearranging of my school schedule, since May 6th is the last day of classes and May 14th is graduation). We'll keep you posted.


AZSMITHS said...

I was wondering, if you are now speaking Portuguese does that mean you'll stay in the MTC longer? Or will you be going to your mission just as fast? I like your car. It's a nice color.

waterwheelers said...

We will be in the MTC for one week as is normal.