Sunday, January 2, 2011

New car

After sending our old white Honda Accord to Andrea and Jason in August, we decided to look for a new car. We went through the process of reviewing the Consumer Report, searching the internet, and test driving various models and finally came up with the car of our choice. We then looked ahead at the possibility of going on a mission and decided not to get a new car at that time. If we were to go on an international mission we would not be using a car and if we were called to the states we could get a car after receiving the call. When we received the call to Canada, the information received said that senior couples serving in the USA or Canada were required to provide their own cars. It was time to start looking again. We checked the cars available in Logan (not much except 2011 models beyond our budget) then decided to go to Bountiful (where we had seen the car of our choice). We decided Tuesday, Dec 28th was the best day to travel to Bountiful (between big snow storms). When we arrived at Willey Honda we found a red (the color we liked) 2010 Honda Accord. They had just lowered the price (to one we could afford) that morning. All of the salesmen were calling their clients about the special deal. One of the problems we had was what to do with the 4Runner and the van. We had not planned on buying a car that day, but we drove back to Logan in a new Honda Accord (red) using both other cars as trade-ins. We were fortunate to have done the homework on model selection months before and arriving at the very time we could make the purchase. It goes to show that the Lord helps his missionaries, even before they are serving.

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