Sunday, February 20, 2011

First Baptism

This week we had our first baptism since our mission call. Yes, it was our own granddaughter and she was only eight years old, but we did help teach her throughout her life so we'll count it. We drove our new car (first road trip) to Maricopa, Az and stayed with Andrea and Jason. [Thanks Lauren and Kohlar for the use of your bedroom.] We arrived Thursday evening in time to celebrate Hanna's 13th birthday. Jason took off work on Friday so we went on a little hike on South Mountain. In the evening we all went bowling (a request from Hanna for her birthday). Fortunately there were bumpers, keeping us out of the gutters. Saturday was the special day for Alyssa's baptism. Jason's parents came from Salt Lake to join in the ordinance. On Sunday, we attended the Gospel Principles class (taught by Jason). There were three Brazilians in the class and Diane had the opportunity to read a selection in Portuguese. The Brazilians could understand her. We drove back to Logan on Monday and Tuesday with a brief stop at Zion National Park.
Alyssa in her new white dress with Andrea and Jason

Hanna wanted cheesecake for her 13th birthday

The Arizona hikers on the Beverly Canyon Trail
Rest time for Brynlie and Lauren

Diane at Zion National Park

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AZ SMITHS said...

We had a great time having you visit. Hopefully you didn't catch our "bug".