Sunday, February 27, 2011

Singing in Portuguese

I have been released from all my callings except as Gospel Doctrine teacher. It was strange to go to church today and not take my music, organ shoes and music glasses. I now also have a co-teacher for the Gospel Doctrine class and it was her turn to teach. All I had to take were my scriptures. I felt like I was forgetting something.
When we started to sing the opening hymn Paul held the book in front of me and when I looked it was the Portuguese hymn book. That was fine with me because I need to learn to sing the hymns in Portuguese. I then noticed that the words I was singing in Portuguese were not a direct translation of the English. In fact some of them did not seem to have anything to do with the English words. I was willing to accept that but then I noticed that Paul was singing the wrong rhythm. He was singing along with the organ and congregation but I was frustrated because it was not the rhythm I was looking at. Not only were the words changed but so was the rhythm in places.  If I have to play the piano or organ on this mission I will definitely have to use a Portuguese hymn book.
Paul then complicated matters further by saying that since we are in a Portuguese/Spanish ward I may have to use a Spanish hymn book at times because the Spanish version of the hymns may be different than Portuguese. Then there may be times when I will need to use the English hymn book.
Oh well, whatever, I know it will all work out. I will just be prepared for whatever will be needed.

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