Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wedding and Award

April 16th was a good day. Diane had a Stake Relief Society Conference in the morning. It included at brunch and then a musical production call "Women at the Well" with music by Kenneth Cope, Julie Azevado, and others. It was a wonderful start to a good day.

In the afternoon we went to Layton for the wedding of a faculty member. She is from the northwest part of China near Turkey. She is Uyghur which is a minority in China and have more in common with Turkey. She is Muslim and married a man who is Turkish. Their religious wedding was on Friday and we went for the secular one that was needed to make it legal in this country. She asked me to play prelude music and a special piece from the movie "The Piano" just before they came in. Some of the songs I played were songs from her culture. Paul helped me by playing the melody on our bowed psaltery. People were very curious about it.
The groom and his parents

The bride and her father

The cloth with the design is silk and the design is a traditional one.
After the ceremony there was a dinner and dancing. She wanted Paul to dance a waltz with her. We tried to get a picture but they were just moving too fast and they were all blurry. We enjoyed spending this special time with her and her new husband.

That night was also the Robbins awards. These are awards that are given to the outstanding teachers, advisors, researchers, etc., for the whole university. Paul was up for the Advisor of the year because he was given the award for the advisor of the year for the college of engineering. We did not plan on going to the ceremony because the wedding was more important. Besides we figured that the award would go to someone else. Paul found out two days before that night that he was going to receive the award. We still did not go to the ceremony but it is a nice honor for Paul as he retires.

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Rachael said...

Neat! What an exciting, culture filled day. I LOVE Women at the Well. It's been one of my all time favorite CD's since I was a teen.
How neat that Paul danced a waltz with the bride, and that she's Chinese and he's Turkish.
I just LOVE this post! It makes me very happy. Thanks for sharing :)