Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have been going to update this blog for two weeks now but never could find the time. March was a crazy month. It began with a nice spring break to Moab and enjoying Arches National Park. The weather was cool but that is perfect for some of the hikes.
Looking at Delicate Arch before walking out to it.

 We did our traditional hike to Delicate Arch which seems to kick in my vertigo now. We also made our trek through the Fiery Furnace by ourselves. Some of those rocks and tight squeezes are harder to climb over and through. Maybe it is because I am getting older and weaker.

Paul holding up a natural bridge

Climbing over rocks and through crevices.

The next week we enjoyed having our grandchildren visit. They were here for the best weather week even though it rained a bit. They still seemed to enjoy going outside even in the rain and snow. Paul and I also walked a 10k with Andrea to meet her fitness challenge.

The end of the month brought medical procedures for both of us. A colonoscopy for me which the results were good and an endoscopy for Paul. Here they discovered that Paul has Barretts esophagas which is cause by acid reflux and can become precancerous if not treated. He has been treating it but this just confirmed that it will be a life long treatment.

Paper work, insurance for the car and medical that will cover us in Canada have been part of our tasks. Paul applying for Medicare and trying to get the retirement all worked out are some of the items also.

We have been cleaning out closets, making many trips to Deseret Industries as well as packing our attics as we make room for our house sitters to move in.  Needless to say we have gone to bed each night exhausted or at least very tired.

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