Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Non-Anniversary

We have come to the conclusion that all celebrations will be put on hold while we are on our mission. Monday was our 39th wedding anniversary. Since we had a teaching appointment with Marcia at 4:30 that evening we decided that we would go out for lunch to celebrate. We spent the morning preparing the lesson and didn't finish in time to go out for lunch so we decided to go after the appointment. We left at 2:30 p.m. Since it should only take an hour to get to Marcia's, we had an extra hour to stop by the stake center for missionary mail and take some books to the supply room. We took a bus to the Ossington subway station only to discover that we had to get off at the St. Charles station because of track closures. It was really crowded, but we managed to take the Young subway (after a long wait) to Eglington, then a bus to Don Mills (after another long wait) and another bus to the appointment. It took us two hours to get there (without stopping at the stake center), getting us there just in time. Marcia tends to get distracted with dinner (she feed us), her son, and tangential topics, but we were able to squeeze the Plan of Salvation lesson within two hours. She told us a better way to get home, so it only took us an hour. Add it up - that's a 5-hour lesson with travel. We got back too late to eat out and we needed to pick up a few things at the dollar store so Elder Wheeler picked out a card for Sister Wheeler to read and put back on the rack. That's one way to save money.

Sister Wheeler reading her anniversary card
On Tuesday morning we had a second lesson with Tony and Simone. It was in English this time, but still took two hours because of all the questions. How do the elders do it in one hour (or less)? When Tony gave the prayer he said he was thankful we were able to present it so his mind could understand it for the first time. In the evening we had ESL. We taught class A (the highest level) which was a good change from students without any English ability.

We had a wonderful district meeting Wednesday morning, with Elder Robinson leading a helpful and spiritual discussion. They have stopped having zone meetings each week, which is fine with us. After the meeting the missionaries decided to go to a Mexican taco place to eat. We decided to go with them. At the end of the meal, Elder Wheeler picked up the tab for everyone (call this our anniversary dinner) which was appreciated since missionaries tend to run out of money at the end of the month.
Lunch time for the missionaries
Halloween is coming and it's starting to get cold so we needed to get some winter clothing. 
Best decorated house for Halloween
We live close to Corsa Italia, a neighborhood known for shop after shop of formalwear. 
One of many shops on St. Claire
While traveling on the trolley (oops, streetcar) there was a large group of students that got on at one of the stops. One of the students was pushed in front of others before he could pay. After several failed attempts he passed his money to another student to put it in the box. He could have easily passed by without paying. It's good to see there are still honest youth in the world.
Students on the streetcar 

 We were a bit slow getting into gear for our preparation day on Friday so we decided to go to the Spadina Museum, a historic house. It opened at noon, but we got there just after three. (We passed by a park to find a tall communication tower we can see from our apartment). The last tour started at 3:00 PM so we couldn't see the inside of the house, but were able to stroll around the gardens.
Spadina House
Sister Wheeler's dream climbing tree
Elder Wheeler wearing a sweater
 Saturday night was a baby shower for Fatima Verdasca, a 47-year-old Portuguese sister in the ward. She and her husband have not been able to have children, but after many years they now will have a son. (Sounds like Abraham and Sarah, doesn't it?). Sister Wheeler was invited to the party. She had a good time, even though she didn't understand a lot of what they were saying (which was in Spanish).

Queen Fatima
Learning to change diapers (with baby food for a messy diaper)

Today was a busy day. We got to church by 9:30 to meet Simone who planned to attend the Toronto Ward. She didn't show up, but we waited for the Christie Ward in the afternoon with a missionary coordination meeting and a Ward Council in between. President and Sister Scott were visiting the building so we had a chance to visit with them after the meetings. Sister Crosby (whom we now call Laura Kay) has returned after being released from her mission to respond to an invitation by Angel, our ward mission leader, to get to know her better. We will wait and see what happens.

Angel and Laura Kay
 Meanwhile, Elder de Moura has a classy way to tie his tie. We caught a candid of him showing Bruce (the bishop's son) how to do it.

Elder de Moura and Bruce Ferreira
Well, another week has gone by, but not as busy as last week. Are we slowing down, or what? We'll see what next week brings.

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