Sunday, October 16, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

In the United States we complain about Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, but in Canada Thanksgiving Day is in early October, even before Halloween. They hold it on a Monday (just like all of their other long-weekend holidays). Since we didn't have any invitations for dinner, we had our Thanksgiving dinner alone. It's probably best because Sister Wheeler came down with her cold this week.
Our simple Thanksgiving dinner (Oct 10, 2011)
Halloween decorations in the neighborhood

 As mentioned, this was a sick week. Sister Wheeler was down with a cold on Monday (but fortunately was able to fix our Thanksgiving dinner). While she rested in the apartment, Elder Wheeler went to clean the Portuguese elder's apartment downstairs. As was mentioned previously, they were transfered out of the city several months ago, leaving their apartment in a real mess. He finished cleaning the apartment on Tuesday while Sister Wheeler rested some more. He was able to go to ESL (alone, and feeling lost without his companion), on Tuesday evening. This was good since Paulo returned for the first time in two months after having visited his family in Portugal.

It is autumn and there is a nip in the air. Leaves are starting to change and school is in session. As we look at the city from our window we see many different moods. No snow yet, fortunately.

Leaves are just starting to change
Toronto silhouette 
Rugby practice at the school across the street

Wednesday brought interviews with President Scott. Sister Wheeler felt good enough to go in the morning, but we returned to the apartment in the afternoon for more rest. Elder Wheeler was able to work on our regional Single Adult Workshop for Saturday.

Sister Wheeler was feeling better on Thursday so we were able to pick up supplies at the grocery store and some videos at the mission supply room to take up to Brampton. Sister Wheeler had her Portuguese lesson then we taught our institute class. There seems to be a small core of students that come every week and others that float in and out as their schedule permits.

Friday we were able to visit the Bata Shoe Museum (a dream world for women).

As we walked into the first gallery, Elder Wheeler was flooded with memories of his brother Richard. The gallery was about the history of shoes across the world, starting with the earliest humanoids of Tanzania. As Elder Wheeler looked at the picture he said, "I've been there".
Picture in the Bata Shoe Museum
Picture taken by Elder Wheeler in Tanzania
 There were many other shoes, from famous (unknown to us) stars from Canada to the roaring 20's.
Early platform shoes from India
Chinese ladies shoes (for bound feet)
Nutcracker shoes (for cracking chestnuts)

 We went to the first part of ESL on Saturday, but had to leave early to go to the stake center where they were holding a regional Single Adult Conference. We were asked to give a workshop on scripture study and marking. We had little information about the workshop and the details were changed at the last minute, but we feel it went OK. There were 22 who attended and there was a lot of participation.

Workshop participants - are they awake or sleeping?
Sister Wheeler with Sister Jones, the stake Relief Society President
Tonight (Sunday) we finally had time to follow up on some contacts we have received. We called a lady named Sausa who was a member contact and set up a lesson for tomorrow. Sara, the member (we don't know who she is) will be there for the lesson. We passed by to meet Vicki and Miguel, newlyweds, but no one was home. We then went to see Tony who told a Spanish elder he had a Book of Mormon in Brazil, but wasn't able to bring it to Canada. His wife, Simone, was also there when we visited to give him a Portuguese Book of Mormon. We were able to set up an appointment for Wednesday. This lesson will be in English, since Simone speaks very well and Tony is trying to learn. Work with investigators has been slow lately, but maybe we have a new start.

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