Sunday, August 25, 2013

March 2013 Highlights

 Andrea started her morning job at Woodruff School which means the mornings are hectic around the house. Andrea catches the bus just after 7:00 AM. Hanna's bus picks her up about 7:15. Kamary catches the bus about 7:40. Paul rides the bus at 8:30 with Alyssa and Kohler, dropping them off at Hillcrest School and continuing on to USU. That means Diane is at home with Lauren and Brinley. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Paul can be at home and often takes the girls out for an activity so Diane can get something done. Andrea gets home about 12:30 in time to take Lauren to school at 1:00. It isn't long before they all start coming home wanting a snack.

Diane has been substituting for the choir accompanist who has had surgery on her hands. She also attended a workshop at the library on how to check out e-books and read them on her iPad. She had her first Relief Society activity (Mar 5) since becoming the RS Meeting Coordinator. It involved a dinner in the cultural hall (nicely decorated, of course) and several workshops about family history. It really went well.

Kohler was student of the week in his class so we attended a special tribute in his honor (Mar 4). We also attended a special Dr. Suess night at Hillcrest school (Mar 25). Kamary has been attending rehearsals for the school musical "Honk" about the ugly duckling. She was a duck. The performance went several nights (we attended Mar 22 and really enjoyed it).

Kamary in "Honk"
The ducklings awake
Kamary, center stage
We had two holidays this month. The first was St. Patrick's Day. The Leprechaun came over night leaving green water in the toilet bowl, etc. We had had our traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner with blarney stones (small cake squares coated with frosting and peanuts) for dessert. We also had Easter which involved making string eggs and, of course, Easter dresses.

Making sting Easter eggs
Easter dresses
March is the month for Spring Break. We were thrilled to return to Arches National Park after being away for awhile. We'll save that for a separate post.

We took another trip to Provo this month (Mar 26), this time for the wedding of John Woodruff (Elder Woodruff). We were able to attend the sealing in the Mount Timpanogos Temple and the reception at the BYU sky room. It was a special day for us (as well as the Woodruffs). We were able to talk to several missionaries we knew in toronto, including Sis Lindsey, Pres & Sis Brower, and others.

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