Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spring Break at Arches (2013)

We like to get away from the Logan snow and head south for Spring Break. Arches National Park is one of our favorite locations. We usually stay in Moab, but this year we decided to stay at the Red Cliffs Lodge, along the Colorado River. We left on Monday (Mar 11), lunched in Price, and arrived at the lodge in the early evening. It is about 20 minutes from Moab, but is nice and quiet.

Red Cliff Lodge - the red cliffs
Red Cliff Lodge - Colorado River
Tuesday was our day for Arches. We had a nice buffet breakfast at the lodge then went into the park for our essential hike to Delicate Arch. 

Hikers to Delicate Arch
Delicate Arch
We then went to the windows area and hiked around the arches.
The Windows
The juniper hammock
Wednesday (Mar 13) was our hiking day outside the park. We started by hiking up Negro Bill Canyon (which was a new trail for us). After nine creek crossings (resulting in wet feet at times) we arrived at the arch. There was a tour group that were on top of the arch repelling down to the canyon below. It was a nice hike.

Stream crossing
Another stream crossing
Along the trail
The arch
Repelling from the arch

We then went to Corona Arch, also outside the park. As we started on the trail we noticed a sign warning about jumping off the arch. Who would be crazy enough to jump off the arch? When we got there we found the answer - college students on Spring Break. they would tie ropes around the daring who would then give a running jump into nowhere and swing within the arch. Not for the faint-hearted (like us). 

On the way to Corona Arch
Corona Arch
People on the arch
Swinging from the arch (look for the dot inside the arch)
The week after we returned from Arches we heard on the news that a man died after jumping off Corona Arch - they miscalculated the length of the rope. We had time in the evening to walk around Moab, eat at the Broken Oar (pricy for not the best food), then soak in the hot tub after returning to the lodge. While at the lodge we met a movie star. Her name is Kathy Jarvis (we wondered if she were some relation to Diane) who is a stunt coordinator and has performed stunts for Meg Ryan, etc.

Thursday (Mar 14) was our driving day. We first drove to Dead Horde Point State Park, west of Arches. It gives a nice view of the Canyonlands area. 

Dead Horse Point
View from Dead Horse Point
We then went to the Island of the Sky area of Canyonlands National Park. We went on the hike to Upheaval Dome. We had been to the first overlook point before, but we decided to go to the second overlook which is a bit of a walk. 

Canyonland National Park
Upheaval Dome overlook
We then went to the Grand View overlook. There is a road along the white rim (above the deep canyons) that we drove in the 4-Runner a few years ago. There is also a road from the white rim to the top we took when there was still a little snow on the narrow road.

Grand View
Road to the top
We enjoyed watching the ravens, as long as they were not tapping at our chamber door.

The Raven
The real adventure on Thursday, however was breakfast. We decided to pick up a few things from the store so we could have breakfast in the room. Diane has fixed scrambled eggs in the microwave before with no problems. Paul found a recipe on the web giving instructions for making poached eggs in the microwave. He followed the instructions carefully and had no problem cooking the eggs. When he went to lift the egg out of the microwave, however, it blew up in his face and splattered all over the kitchen in the room. We finally got it cleaned up. DON'T MAKE POACHED EGGS IN THE MICROWAVE!

On Friday (Mar 15) we made our trip back to Logan after stopping at a few stores. We stopped by briefly at Schofield to visit Paul's cousin Judy. It was a nice visit, but put us a bit behind getting to Provo. Paul ordered a sound-level meter from Larson Davis in Provo and made arrangements to pick it up on the way home. The problem was that they closed at 5:00 PM. We got a late start and the GPS gave an arrival time of 4:57 PM. That's cutting it close. when we got out of the canyon we were able to get through on the cell phone and let them know we were coming. We got there just before 5:00 and they waited for us, so we were able to get the sound-level meter.

Spring Break was good for us. It helps to get out of the house and probably helps the rest of the family not to have us there, but we do miss them and are happy to return. Even though we have been to Arches several times, we tried a few new things this time.

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