Sunday, April 20, 2014

February 2014 Highlights

Someone reminded me that I have been lazy and haven't updated our blog recently, so here is an update. We watched some of the Olympics this month (from home, not from Russia). We also found some interesting programs on BYUtv: Granite Flats and Studio C. We were able to watch back episodes on the internet.

The biggest excitement, however,  occurred in our bathroom. After living in this house for many years we finally remodeled the master bathroom. We first picked out new granite countertops. We then took off the wallpaper and painted the walls green (now it really is a "restroom"). We also replaced the carpet with ceramic tile. The walls looked a little bare so we moved the huge painting we won on our Mexican cruise several years ago into the bathroom. Not to worry - the lady in the painting doesn't have any eyes (nor nose or mouth for that matter).
Our new bathroom
Diane was called to be the Ward Organist again so she has a reason to practice the organ (which she really enjoys). She also enjoys practicing the piano. Paul likes to listen to her practice when he is not teaching his Electrical Engineering class at Utah State University.

Hanna has come of age (for what, I still don't know). She turned 16 years old this month and was able to have her first date.
Sweet 16
First Date
Kamary is our star. She enjoys singing in the choir at school and acting. She played the lead lady (actually it was the only lady - the other girls had to play parts of men) in the play "The Shady Lady of Gopher Junction". We think she is becoming a good actress. Maybe she'll support us in our old age (oh, that's right. We are already in our old age).
The singer
The Shady Lady
Alyssa was our scientist. She had a report on rockets and made a model rocket out of wood. She loves to keep her hands busy.

Making a rocket in the sun room (but it's night)
Meanwhile the three youngest use their creativity getting into the pantry for food; not to eat, but to make houses on the table.

Kohler with the goodies
Lauren makes a house

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