Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 2014 Highlights

March is the month of change. We don't know if we will ever get used to going on daylight savings time. We also got notice that they would be reorganizing the stake presidency at our stake conference this month. The same day they told us that our bishop had been called into the stake presidency of a young single adult stake so they would also be reorganizing the bishopric in a few weeks. When our stake conference came our bishop was put in as our new stake president, meaning he had three big callings at the same time: stake president, councilor to the stake president in a single adult stake, and bishop. It looks like he will be our stake president and they will find someone else for the other two callings.

Music is still part of our life. Diane attended an organ workshop by Richard Elliot, tabernacle organist. Paul was able to go to the final concert, which was very enjoyable. We also were able to see the university production of "Tarzan" with a neighbor playing the role of Tarzan. They did a lot of flying around on vines. Kamary continues to sing. One evening at dinner she informed us that they had a concert that evening and she needed to be there in half and hour. We made it. She also sang in the 50th anniversary celebration of Logan Middle School.
Our special singer
In the choir
This has been a busy month for Paul. He was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting on Psalms 23 (The Lord is My shepherd). He also had the opportunity to go to the hospital to give priesthood blessings to those who wanted them. This month was "scouting for food". He took Kohler and Kohler's cousin Curtis around the neighborhood to pick up food for the food bank then to a church house to help sort it for delivery to the food bank. On the "hurt" side he had a tooth extracted. It's still sore.

The highlight of the month was Sharon's wedding on St. Patrick's day. We were able to attend. It was a lot of fun to see Dave and his family.
Two beautiful girls
Bride and Groom 
Diane was able to get tickets for the General Women's Conference in the Conference Center in Salt Lake. She was able to take Kate (our niece from Lehi), Ginny (our sister-in-law), and Donna (Ginny's sister). We stayed the night in Lehi so we could attend the blessing of Elodie (Ken & Kate's new daughter). We really enjoyed visiting with family.
A good-looking family in Lehi
Most of the days are spent with a family of 10, each doing their thing. Here are some examples:
Alyssa and Kamary playing "pets"
Andrea on her laptop
Our grandkids think we are crazy. We ran across a Korean soap opera named "The Secret Garden". Diane has always liked the book and musical of the Secret Garden so we decided to watch the Korean version (very different). It is about a super rich boy falling in love with a stunt double. It was a cute TV series with English subtitles (which ran by so fast at times we couldn't keep up). So much for craziness.

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