Sunday, September 21, 2014

August 2014 Highlights

Summer is in full swing. We spent a lot of time this month preparing for our mission - Paul working on technology in Brazil and Diane working on Portuguese. The ICS group in Riverton found another couple (the Rowes) to help us. They are taking the information we have about technology specialists in Brazil and creating a spreadsheet. They will also send an email to all the stake clerks in Brazil asking about technology specialists within the stake. It will be a lot of help. We were able to meet them when we went to Riverton later in the August to discuss using a Learning Management System (LMS) for technology training in Brazil.

We did have time for summer activities, starting with Youth Conference. On Friday afternoon we went to the Brigham City Temple for baptisms for the dead. Paul was able to perform confirmations. It was a nice spiritual activity for the leaders as well as the youth. This was followed by a BBQ and testimony meeting in the back yard of our Young Men's president with a beautiful view of the mountains. The next morning we had a swimming (and sliding) party at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho. It was also a lot of fun.
Kamary with her friend Valerie
This has been a wet year, which sometimes interferes with mowing the lawn.
This was a downpour just before I was finished mowing
Kamary went to vocal camp again and really enjoyed it. She was given honorable mention and sang a solo for the group.
Why does she always have her mouth open?
Meanwhile Andrea played the clarinet for the community band at the county fair
Andrea playing at the county fair
The rest of us hanging around so we could hear her play
and the USU Alumni Band for their Sunday evening concerts. The music was hard and the only practice they had was a couple of hours before the concerts.
At least we could see her when she stood up
Our big family activity for the summer was a day at Bear Lake. It was the Saturday before school started and there were a lot of people there, but it was a lot of fun - and the water was just right. 
Alyssa ready for a swim 
Brynlie and Lauren play in the sand
That air mattress isn't big enough for four kids!
Kohler buries Hanna in the sand
Grandma reads in the shade
So does Mom
Why sit in the shade if I can get a sunburn?
Jason, master of the BBQ
Why would Kamary be reading on a day like this?
What a FLIRT!
The water was shallow for a long way out. Beyond that, there were three floating trampolines. Hanna decided to investigate. She can swim, but not that well. She made it, but was too tired to swim back so she got a ride with someone on a jet ski. She remembers when she "almost drowned". 
Hanna recovering after her swim and grandma providing shade
We were invited for breakfast at Rayhan's house (a friend of Paul's at USU). Paul had a good time playing with Jeren, her daughter.
Oh, to be young again!
And finally, a photo we couldn't resist.
Does he belong in our family?
We have been waiting for technology training, so decided to attend BYU Education Week where there will be several classes on technology in the church. We decided to have the experience as a separate post.

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