Sunday, September 21, 2014

Rededication of the Ogden Temple

We just returned from the rededication of the Ogden Temple brought to us in our stake center in Logan by means of technology. It brought flashbacks from many years ago when I attended the first dedication of the Ogden Temple.

While they were building the Ogden Temple forty-three years ago I was in Vietnam, serving my country in the army. I said a little prayer saying that if I could return home by Christmas I would help with the Ogden Temple open house and dedication. My prayer was granted so I had the opportunity to be an usher in the tabernacle and temple for the open house and dedication. Since my father was one of the stake presidents in Ogden we were able to attend one of the dedicatory services in the temple. This was a very special time in my life. It was the 14th Temple operating at the time. As a youth we would travel to the Logan Temple to perform baptisms for the dead. I remember receiving my endowments in Salt Lake Temple before serving as a missionary in Brazil. While studying at BYU in Provo we would travel to the Manti Temple. Now we had a temple in Ogden, soon to be followed by a temple in Provo (the 15th temple).
Ogden Temple (dedicated 1972)
I also have fond memories of the Ogden Tabernacle. We went to the tabernacle to hear live audio broadcasts of the Saturday evening priesthood sessions of general conference. We always went across the street to Farr's for ice cream cones after the meeting. We also held stake conference in the tabernacle. I loved hearing my father's talks. After each meeting I would go up on the stand and say, "That was a good talk; what was it about?" The tabernacle also brought music into my life by singing with the stake youth choir and later the Weber State Institute choir.
Ogden Tabernacle
While returning from BYU Education Week earlier this month we stopped in Ogden for the open house of the newly remodeled Ogden Temple. It was not just remodeled, but almost entirely rebuilt. It was very beautiful and carried with it a wonderful spirit.
Remodeled Ogden Temple
We were surprised to see the changes in the tabernacle as well, which had also been remodeled.
People in the remodeled tabernacle waiting to see the temple
The experience of attending the rededication of the Ogden Temple brought back memories of my father and mother who spent many years of their lives dedicated to the service of Lord in the Ogden area. I wondered if they were given the opportunity to attend the rededication of the Ogden Temple. Like the Ogden Temple that became worn and needed remodeling and rededication, it impressed me that through the atonement of Jesus Christ we too, being worn, can be remodeled and rededicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and his work.

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