Sunday, February 22, 2015

That's What We Do!

On Story Trek on BYUtv they often say "That's what we do." We have decided this is the motto for our mission. No matter what we are doing we say, "That's what we do!" An example is Tuesday. We were just ready to leave the apartment for district meeting when we got a call that Elder Grahl Baptista was sick. I spent the morning with him so Elder Araujo (a new missionary) could attend his first district meeting. Diane also attended and met the new companionships.
Elder and Sister Duke (not new)
Elder Lyon (DL) and Elder Kimball
Sister Hinckle (Hinckleville, VA) and Sister Meyers
We spent the afternoon at the ICS office in Riverton trying to solve technical problems which keep the STSs from Brazil from accessing the Internet training course we set up. From there we went to teach a 2nd lesson (Plan of Salvation) to Laerte. We were on our own, since the elders were sick.
Laerte with his member friends Tony, Katie, and Euli
From there we went to the opening of the mini-CTM (MTC) for the youth of the word.
Mini-CTM for the youth of the ward
We then had our missionary coordination meeting. After the meeting the bishop pulled us aside to talk about missionary work in the ward. We got back late. That's what we do! One thing you don't see here is eating (What's that?). Some days we just don't have time. 

We'll break up our walks along the Jordan River. We like to pick a different section each day. On Monday we walked along a section just south of our new house. This section has a lot of nice parks next to a business park.
One of several nice buildings in the business park
A fishing pond along the trail
The central section of a roundabout 
We had our monthly meeting for MLS missionaries on Wednesday. Diane played the organ for the meeting. It has been a while since she has played, but she did great (or was that swell and pedal?). We broke up into four groups with our coordinating couples. Our group had 10 couples. As we were talking to Elder and Sister Lawrence he mentioned he had a grandmother named Wheeler. Elder DeHaan mentioned his aunt married a Wheeler. We are very used to people who have Wheelers in their families, but are not related. It ends up that Elder Lawrence's grandmother was Rose Anna Wheeler (sister of Frederick John Wheeler - my grandfather) and Elder DeHaan's aunt married William Robert Wheeler Jr (my father's cousin). What are the chances of having three cousins in the same group of missionaries? Thanks to the Family Tree app we were able to find the connections right there in the chapel.
Elder and Sister Lawrence
Elder and Sister DeHaan
Our walk on Wednesday took us through a golf course. We stopped one golfer and said, "Don't you know you can't go golfing in February?" He replied, "Isn't this St. George?" It was a good comeback.
A Hex house close to the trailhead
Sometimes Sister Wheeler takes things for Granite
February golfers
We always welcome the Canadian Geese
While at our MLS missionary meeting we got a text message from our ward mission leader saying he had a nephew who wanted to be baptized. Since Elder Grahl Baptista was sick he wanted us to get the lessons started. On Thursday we had the first lesson (with the elders who were better by then). On Saturday we had the second lesson and plan a baptism next Saturday. The ward mission leader's family was at the lesson. What a great opportunity it was for him to bear his testimony to his family as he bore it to Caiu, his nephew. 
Caiu with his uncle Val and cousins Ethan and Melany

Our Thursday walk was a blustery day, but that brought beautiful clouds and a view of the Draper Temple.
What do you see in the clouds?
Draper Temple framed by mountains
A while back I bought a book about catapults and trebuchets that came with a kit for building your own catapult. I read the book, but haven't had time to put the kit together. One day we were talking to Sister Dishman (we live in their basement) while 11-year-old Jacob was watching. I decided to ask him for a favor - put the catapult together for me. He was so excited that he hurried and did all his chores so he could start on it. It didn't take very long, but it didn't throw the clay balls very far so I asked him to work to improve it and I would show him some physics on projectile motion to maximize the distance. Before I knew it he had figured out the secret of releasing the clay ball at a 45 degree angle. Before long he returned after solving the problem of increasing the tension in the ropes and modifying the firing lever. I was impressed. I told him he could keep the catapult for himself.
Jacob showing his sister Grace and brother Beck how to fire the catapult
The ward missionary committee planned a special Family Home Evening at the church for Saturday evening. The turnout wasn't great, but it was a nice activity. It gave us a chance to get to know some of the members better.
Female bonding time
RMs from Bahia, Brazil and Porto, Portugal
Val and Joel - ward missionaries
Brother and Sister Celestino, the bishop' parents
It has been a busy, but good week, after all - That's what we do!

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