Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Fall or He Fell

Sometimes it is hard to get someone baptized, but on Saturday we finally did after nine days of teaching and a lot of uncertainty. His name is Caio (which means I fall in Portuguese). At first we thought his name was Caiu (which means he fell in Portuguese).
Caio with his uncle and the missionaries
Two girls playing a hand game at the reception
Now for a blow by blow.

On Wednesday, Feb 18, we got a text message from Val (our ward mission leader) asking if we could teach his 16-year-old nephew who was visiting from Brazil and wanted to be baptized (Elder Grahl Baptista was sick). The night before he had attended a mini-MTC with the ward youth, received a testimony, and wanted to go on a mission. On Thursday we went with the elders (Elder Grahl Baptista was feeling better) to teach the first lesson. On Saturday we taught the 2nd lesson. At the end of the lesson he could relate the whole Plan of Salvation in detail. We had the third lesson on Monday after which he asked if only members of the church could bear their testimonies. We assured him it was OK for him to bear his testimony, which sounded just like a missionary. Caio's uncle received a text message from his father giving permission for the baptism, but President Chambers said he needed our bishop to contact the bishop where Caio lives in Brasil who should contact Caio's father and write a letter with both their signatures and return it to Salt Lake. Things just don't happen that fast in Brazil so it looked like Caio would have to wait and be baptized in Brazil. In spite of this we gave him a third lesson on Wednesday. During our MLS missionary meeting on Thursday morning we got a text message from Val showing us the letters that had been signed and returned (Isn't technology wonderful?). The elders gave him the 5th lesson on Thursday night (we had another appointment), interviews on Friday, and baptism on Saturday. There was a special spirit at the baptism.

That was only one of the activities for the week. On Monday we went to Logan to take care of some credit union business we could only do in person. It gave us a chance to to get big hugs from our grandchildren. It was a special day.

We also worked on technology during the week. We had a meeting scheduled for Tuesday at the ICS building in Riverton which was postponed until Wednesday. When we arrived on Wednesday we were told it was cancelled (we missed the email) so we decided to go for another walk. It was a long walk (about 5 miles) in our missionary clothes. It wasn't bad except for Diane's shoes which gave her blisters.
Are we on the right trail?
He knows how to walk in stile
And going, and going, and going...
A typical day of tracking?

We also had a couple of lessons with Laerte before he left for Brazil on Thursday. He will be gone for about two months, but says he would like to be baptized when he returns.
Hang gliders at the Point of the Mountain (taken from Laerte's house)
His house is infested with mice
We had a crazy drive to 500 South for a new member lesson just to return because he had a job interview and forgot to tell us. We also had a lesson cancelled today, but at least we knew about it before we went all the way to South Jordan (Oh, that's right! We live in South Jordan). We had a nice visit with the Lagemann family (sorry, we forgot to take a picture). He is the Elder's Quorum president and we may be able to teach her parents. 

Well, it looks like winter has arrived. We had a lot of snow on the ground this morning (at least compared to what we have seen this winter).

Winter has arrived in March
Even the ducks take refuge on the housetops.

Ducks without fiddles on the roof
Since those we have been teaching have gone to Brazil we will have to see what next week brings.

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