Monday, March 9, 2015

Digital Disciples

On Monday we decided to get out of the apartment so we went to Thanksgiving Point. It was clear here, but we went into a storm. It was good to get out, however.
Thanksgiving Point

Our mission has gone digital. All the missionaries got iPads this week. We had a mission-wide meeting Tuesday on how to safeguard use of iPads for missionaries. Everyone was very excited.
Portuguese missionaries with their new iPads
When we got out of our meeting we thought winter had come - finely. 
Snow Day!
The ward has been trying a few activities to get members involved in the missionary effort. Wednesday night we went with Fernando and Meagan to deliver DVDs of "Because of Him" to friends of theirs. We were able to deliver 10 DVDs and gave short lessons to three different families. It was a fun activity.
Meagan and Fernando with Sister Wheeler
Fernando giving a DVD to friends at the 7-11
We had our last training meeting for MLS missionaries on Thursday. Now that we are thoroughly trained maybe we can go to Brazil to do something else. The training has been interesting because it focuses on couples who live at home and work in their own stake. We have enjoyed meeting with other couples, however. On our way back we needed to stop by the mall to get some items.
Wild animals at the mall
 One of the things the younger missionaries don't have to do is Income Tax. This took much of the morning on Friday, even after most of it was mostly completed earlier. At least it's done so we don't have to take all the records with us to Brazil. After that we needed to get out for a walk along a new section of the Jordan River.
Petroglyphs along the trail

On the way back we stopped by an interesting church. There was no sign on the church identifying it, but the calendar was written in the Cyrillic alphabet - Russian Orthodox maybe?

St George Russian Orthodox Church
We then stopped to see the Holt Homestead Farm which is located near our apartment.

Two Wheelers
Storage house at the farm
 From there we saw a golden tower close by. We drove all around to find a Hindu Temple associated with the Indian Cultural Center.
Hindus in Utah
Being in the mood we decided to eat at an Indian restaurant just around the corner from our apartment. It was really good food (the mild, of course rather than the hot).
Good food!
Sometimes we get a week's worth of work done in one day. There are several families we have been trying to meet, without success. We decided to go out Saturday morning and try again. We found three families home and marked visits with them for next week. We then went to see a member in the other ward to return a book on the history of the Church in Brazil. Four out of four - that's a grand slam, isn't it? We saw several neighborhood areas as we went around.
China Town of Salt Lake 
The 9th and 9th district
We saw murals like this in Canada
We had a good day Sunday. The ward is starting a new missionary activity in which teams get points for missionary activities. The Ward Council has been discussing the problems with how to count the points for the last two weeks. I finally came with a solution which resolved all the problems. The counselor on the bishopric said "You can go now, you've done your job here". Let's hope it turns out to be prophetic and we get our visas soon.

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