Sunday, July 26, 2015

Still in São Paulo

Everything fell through this week so we didn't go to Manaus. It's for the best because we should have some technology specialists called for the coordinating councils by the first week of August, which means we need to plan on training them to train the stake technology specialists - confusing? It is to us too.

The week was as normal - working in the office. I did get a couple of work shots, though.
Lincoln wrapping up a computer for delivery
Flower in front to the office building
This must be a High Priest
When we went to the grocery store we saw some little recipe books for Brazilian dishes. One was for Caipira cooking, country cooking from the interior of São Paulo state and farther west. Diane tried one of the dishes. It turned out pretty good, with chicken, sausage, and potatoes.

Ready to eat Caipira food
Assado Misto
 Elder Hall has been trying to find some butterfly hangings to take home from Brazil. He made arrangements for us to visit the factory (in a home). It was simple, but a lot of fun. The butterflies come from a butterfly farm in Santa Catarina and are sent to São Paulo for making the hangings. There were five couples crowded into their little home factory.
Nice patio of the house
Diane with one of the hangings
Here we are with the artisans
Butterfly picture made of butterfly wings
This is their pet bunny
 We decided to go out for Chinese food for lunch. The restaurant we found uses gluten-free soy sauce, which made the selections much easier. Doug McAllister is the new church attorney for Brazil. He and his wife, Janice, have been working in the Philippines. Their son married David Babbel's daughter.
Diane with the MacAllisters and Halls for lunch
 Sunday afternoon we took a little walk to find some apartment buildings we can see from our window. We wish we had the time to walk every day.
Our goal was the yellow buildings
Some of the archeological features in Brazil
We found the apartments
We also found the apartments behind the yellow ones
We also found Sister Granadas and Sister Santos who live in the yellow apartments
Overall it has been a good week.

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