Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Quiet Week in São Paulo

We are in a holding pattern. On August 4th we should have some Council Technology Specialists approved by the Area Presidency that we can start training, but meanwhile we can't take the next step. We were able to find different things to keep busy. Monday August 3rd is our night for Family Home Evening so I have been preparing information about "The Foods of Brazil" while Diane has been looking for samples we can use for dinner (shared after the lesson).

We enjoy listening to the parrot choir as we return home from the office.

São Paulo Parrots
As we left the temple one day there was a group of sister missionaries taking pictures with a Mexican flag. I don't know if they were from there or going there, but I took a picture anyway.

Coming or going?

On Saturday we went to Bexiga (a nickname for the Bela Vista area) which was settled by the Italians. We had a nice walk through the neighborhood where they were decorating for a festival.
Street in Bexiga
Our goal was to visit the Museu de Óculos (eyeglass museum). It was upstairs in a large house used for an optometrist office. There were examples of eyeglasses from past centuries.

Museu de Óculos
Hanna would love wearing these glasses
We passed several interesting stores.
Beauty at the spa
Iron man
 There were also some nice houses.
Italian style
Red house as an office
We found our way to Paulista Avenue and got lunch at one of the "shopping". They were featuring a lip display.

Mustached upper lip
We decided to go to the art museum, since we weren't able to go the last time we visited Paulista Avenue. There were a lot of nice paintings, especially their French collection. We tend to like Renoir. Our favorite was the two little girls that reminded us of Kamary and Alyssa when they were younger. (Don't worry, Kamary, you're the one in blue, not pink).

As meninas
 As we walked down Paulista Avenue there was a Samba School practicing near the park.
Samba School
 There was also a street painter selling his art.
Local artist
We went to the bookstore of culture and found a book about the foods of different regions of Brazil. I had finished my presentation for Family Home Evening, but made some changes after buying the book.

Another month is over so it was Fast Sunday this week. Diane bore her testimony with very clear Portuguese (not even reading it). It was a simple statement of the truths she has found in the gospel.

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