Sunday, September 6, 2015

Missing Volunteers

What started out as a normal week had some twists and turns. We had our normal language classes this week: English on Tuesday and Thursday and Portuguese on Wednesday and Friday, but we didn't have our morning Leadership Pattern training sessions (they seemed to be too busy). We did have an hour-long Leadership Pattern in Portuguese on Monday afternoon, however. They really get into the role playing!

We had a different Family Home Evening on Monday. The Swensens will soon be leaving so Sister Swensen told her conversion story. We then we went to a churrascaria for a farewell dinner. He has been the area doctor responsible for all the missionaries in Brazil.
Elder and Sister Swensen
Since it is the first of the month, Diane has been working on compiling our new technology specialists. We also worked on Webcast in preparation for training the new Council Technology Specialists.

A wheel of shipping boxes
On Thursday we were informed that the young volunteers would no longer be working for the ISC office. They have been a lot of help, but there are some legal ramifications for the volunteering. The department went to Outback for lunch to say farewell to them.

Sharpshooter Helemã
Our volunteer crew: Vanderson, Helemã, and Carlos
Dinner at the outback
Elder and Sister Romrell were here in São Paulo again for eye treatment. They usually come from Mato Grosso for only a couple of days so they stay in the housing by the temple. This time they will be staying for a week to see if the eye is improving so they moved in next door. We invited them over for dinner and had a nice talk.

On Saturday we went to Embu das Artes with four other couples. It's always a fun place to go with a lot of arts and crafts. 
Art student in the studio
Colorful headdresses
There was a museum of an old Jesuit church. We are old enough to get in free. It was actually pretty good, but we couldn't take pictures inside.

Museum of Sacred Art
The old monastery 
Embu from the window
We had lunch at a German Restaurant.
It seems all we do is eat here in Brazil
Last night was the opening football game for BYU at Nebraska. Since we have access to the Dish Network on our TV we had a tailgate party in our apartment. The TV worked for the first 3 quarters then the internet failed. We rushed over to the Halls to watch the last exciting moments of the game.

BYU football in Brazil
As I said, a normal week ended up exciting with a "hail Mary" in the final second of a BYU football game.

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