Sunday, September 27, 2015

Training CTSs

It has been a quiet week in the office. Most of the people were gone for training. We spent the week getting ready to train the new Council Technology Specialists.

Wednesday night the stake held a special program for the 20th anniversary of the Proclamation on the Family. The senior missionary couples sang "A child's Prayer" and "Where Can I Turn for Peace". The stake choir also sang. I sang with both.

Thursday was health day at the office. We both went for a health checkup - blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, height, weight, etc. We got a bowl of fruit for the effort.

Friday evening we went to see "Everest" (in 3D) with three other couples. We all stopped at a Mexican restaurant in the mall afterward.

Men servicing power at the mall
Saturday was our big day for training Council Technology Specialists (CTSs). Each CTS works with five to 14 stakes to train the Stake Technology Specialist (STSs) and meet with the stake presidents in the coordinating council meetings. There are 34 councils in Brazil which is easier to work with than 294 stakes and districts. We had eight CTSs from São Paulo City and São Paulo state. The training went well so they can take over training the stakes.
Our São Paulo CTS training meeting
Our new Council Technology Specialists
We have new missionaries that arrived on Saturday. Elder and Sister Burke (medical missionaries) and Sister Cox (mental health missionary). Sister Cox moved in next to us. We were able to watch the Women's session of general conference in our apartment (9-10:30 pm).

 Today after our regular meetings we were invited to the São Paulo South Council for their meeting with stake presidents. It was different from those we have attended in the past because it was the CTS who did the training rather than us. He modified our presentation and did a great job. We finally have Brazilians teaching Brazilians about meetinghouse technology.
São Paulo South stake center
Giuliano (R) training the stake presidents about technology
This starts a new era in Brazil. We now have trained 8 CTSs and only have 26 to go. The others are not as close.

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