Sunday, January 3, 2016

Happy Holidays

It's holiday season so we have had a lot of time lounging in the apartment. The office was closed Dec 24th & 25th for Christmas and Dec 31st & Jan 1st for New Years. Add weekends to each of these. With Diane nursing a sprained ankle we didn't get out much. At least we were able to look out our window to see the new trees.

Making a planter for new trees along the street 
Finished planter
We had three activities with the senior couples for the holidays. On Christmas Eve we went to the Burkes and Hales apartments (they live next door to each other) for dinner and a Christmas celebration. On New Year's Eve we went to the Hart's apartment for another dinner and greeted the New Year with fireworks which could be seen from their window that overlooks downtown São Paulo. Also on the Saturday after Christmas we went to see Star Wars (3D).

We had a quiet, but nice Christmas. We spent it in the apartment.
Our Christmas tree and presents on the piano
An elf - not on the shelf!
Christmas stockings
Here's the tiger
 What is Christmas without a puzzle? We got this puzzle of the waterfall in Canela and put it together during our break.
Gondola to the waterfall
New Years wasn't quite as quiet as Christmas, but we were able to see the Rose Parade on TV as well as a little football.

New Year balloon
Lights in the courtyard
In the three days we had between holidays, Paulo asked us to prepare a book based on the Leadership Pattern we have been teaching. It is just a lot of PDF documents put together to be printed. We got it done just before we left on Tuesday, which really surprised him.

Tomorrow starts a new year with a new focus on our work here - self-sufficiency in technology for the stakes  in Brazil. We'll see how it goes.

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