Sunday, January 10, 2016

Year-end Reports

It's the beginning of a new year, which means we needed to report what we did last year. Actually, nobody has asked for a report, but we decided to do one anyway so we can know what we have done and what needs to be done this year. Also, Paulo gave us a big job of preparing a book on the Leadership Pattern for their meetings next week. It took the first of the week to complete it. Meanwhile, Diane had the monthly metrics to prepare. At least we were very busy this week. It also means we didn't have a chance to do anything else to show on the blog.

On New Year's Eve one of the other couples gave each couple an Amaryllis. This is ours after it bloomed. It has another bud growing so we will get even more flowers.

Our flower
We decided we needed to go out on Saturday so we could take some pictures to post. Diane's foot was feeling a bit better so we went to find some piano music for her. We took a bus then walked up one of the streets to the street with lots of music stores. My goal was to find something I could photograph; her goal was to find music.
Small church along the way
Traffic jam
Who built this fence?
 We found a store that had a lot of music. Diane said it is like me when I go to the candy store. She got some Bach Inventions for technique practice, classical piano pieces for repertoire, and some Bossa Nova songs for fun.
Candy for a pianist

We went to the antique feira on the way back. There was a real "artsy" building across the street.
Not the typical store
 We stopped at the food court so Diane could try an empanada.
Food court in the antique feira 
 We passed the Perdizes stake center on the way back to the bus.
Perdizes stake center
We were worn out by the time we got back, but it was a good break from the routine.

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