Sunday, July 24, 2016

Are We Really Home?

Four weeks have gone by without a new post. You must be wondering if we really made it home - We Did. Andrea and our six grandchildren are still living in our house getting ready to move to Indiana in August where Jason found a job. We are trying to reclaim the house piece-by-piece, weed the yard, and run the many errands needed after being away for 1 1/2 years.

We were greeted at the airport by Andrea and family on June 25th. It was still a long ride to Logan, but it was also wonderful to be with family again.
Luggage carriers at the airport
We didn't have much time to rest. On Sunday, the day after we got back, we reported to the High Council at 7 am, spoke in church at 11 am, and were finally released as missionaries in the afternoon. Ken and Kate joined us for our report home. 

One of the things we enjoy about being home is the morning walks. We live in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains.

Logan Canyon in the morning
Our time has been spent weeding, cleaning out the attic to find our things, and participating in training over WebEx (we are still doing some of the tasks for Area Technology Specialists until our replacements arrive in Brazil).

July 1st is Canada Day, but in Logan we had fireworks for the 4th of July. Normally they have them on July 3rd, but this year it was on July 1st since the 3rd fell on a Sunday.
Happy Canada Day 
Waiting for the fireworks
Firework show on July 1st
The Logan Aquatic Center provides free swimming for families of disabled children on Saturday mornings so we went swimming for the first time since we left on our mission. We decided to go up the canyon for a cookout on Saturday evening, but all of the activities of the day let the time slip by, therefore we had the cookout in the back yard.

Kohler preparing firewood 
Campfire dinner
We wore ourselves out on the mission and have been so busy during the first week we were not able to recuperate. Maybe next week.

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