Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sweet Sixteen

This has been a busy week moving furniture around to get ready for the big move. It has been a lot of heavy work. We were able to take a break one evening to see the play Peter Pan at the Festival Opera.

Kamber and Hillary, two of Andrea's companions from her mission stopped by to take her to a missionary reunion in Provo. We were able to watch the grandkids while she was gone.

Kamary had her birthday on July 22nd, the same day as my brother, David. She is now sweet sixteen. We had the family party on Friday.
Alyssa checking out the presents
Kamary taking a picture of her cake
16 candles 
OK, she's quirky!
Queen for the day
We went swimming on Saturday morning. Later in the day we took the youngest three grandchildren to the American West Heritage Center for their Pioneer Day celebration and Mountain Man Rendezvous. It was a bit different being a visitor rather than a volunteer, but it was still fun.

Pony petting
Pony riding 
My foxy friend 
Modern-day mountain man
Fun pioneers
Kamary had a party for her friends on Saturday night. It was nice to see how much fun a group of teenagers could have while eating pizza, playing games, and watching "Into the Woods" on DVD.

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