Sunday, January 1, 2017

July 2016 Highlights

It has been a long time since I have posted on my blog. After our  mission I wondered if there were any value in it since no one reads it. Diane convinced me (finally) that at least her mother reads it and it would be a good record of our family history, so I now need to catch up.

July 2016 was spent with family activities and getting Andrea and her family ready to move to Indiana. I have already posted about many of the July activities (fireworks, hiking trails, hunting for butterflies, Kamari's birthday, and visiting the American West Heritage Center), therefore I will just add a few from the end of the month.

The 24th of July (Pioneer Day) was on a Sunday so it included good talks about the pioneers (from converts who had no pioneer ancestors) and by watching "Ephriam's Rescue" in the evening.

On July 25th Diane noticed an increase of traffic on our street and neighbors walking toward 1700 N. in North Logan. Upon investigating we found out that Logan City was having its Pioneer Day parade starting a short distance from our home. We told Andrea about it then walked down to watch the parade. It was fun to see the cars and floats in the parade.

Old cars
Marching bands
Beauty queens
We were glad we found out about the parade in time to get some of the candy they were throwing.

The following day we received a visit from Grant, Janus, and Alexis who live in Minnesota. We are now off the beaten track so we don't get a lot of visitors. We really enjoyed catching up on their activities and reminiscing when we visited them in India.

Now we are home from our mission we are attending several of the theater productions available in Logan. We saw "Baskerville" and "Arsenic and Old Lace" at the Lyric Theater. We also saw "Puccini's Trilogy" from the opera series. This was special because Lauren was part of the children's chorus. They were backstage so we couldn't see them, but we were able to hear them. Lauren also had her final violin recital in Logan.
Lauren with her teacher
We have new callings in the church. Diane is the primary pianist and I will be a gospel doctrine teacher. There are two gospel doctrine classes so those who don't like me can go to the other class.

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