Sunday, January 1, 2017

Wedding in Sacramento

When we got the announcement for Nicole Wheeler's wedding (daughter of Scott and Kim) we decided it was a good opportunity to reunite with family after our long absence on the mission. We flew to Sacramento for the wedding, rode to the cabin with Rich and Ginny, then flew home from San Jose. Here is the report of this trip as recorded by Diane (modified by Paul):

Aug 18 (Thu)
            We flew from Salt Lake to Sacramento, arriving at the same time Rich and Ginny arrived. The timing was perfect. We had reservations at the Delta King in Old Town Sacramento. It is an old river boat which was turned into a hotel.  
The Delta King
We then went to the temple (stopping at Chick-fil-a for lunch) for an endowment session with Nicole. We had a very enjoyable session. 
The Sacramento Temple
We then went to Scott and Kim's for dinner. Jordan got leave from the military to attend the wedding, but Nicole didn't know it. She was happily surprised. We had a good time talking to Scott about our mission. We then went back to the Delta King for the night.

Scott & Kim's house
Jordon surprises Nicole 
Aug 19 (Fri)
            Today was our day for Old Town Sacramento. We met Rich and Ginny in the lounge then went out exploring. We went through many specialty shops, including a leatherwork store where I got a new purse and Paul got a small wallet.
Ready to go exploring Old Sacramento
This engineer loves steam-powered engines
Two old timers in Sacramento
Is this how we will go to the cabin?
We came back to the Delta King for lunch. Paul and I split a Shrimp Louie salad. Rich and Ginny then took a nap and we walked through some of Old Town Sacramento then walked to the Capital Building. After taking some pictures we walked back, crossed the Tower Bridge and walked a short way along the river.
California State Capitol
Tower Bridge
The Delta King from across the river

We went back to our room and rested. Our room has sloping floors which remind us of Canada. Rich and Ginny are in a new room on our level. 

We then went out with Rich and Ginny again and listened to a country singer. We then split a chocolate-covered frozen banana, a caramel apple, and later some popcorn four ways. 

Our country singing star
Getting our goodies
We took a ride in a horse-drawn carriage up to the capital and back. It was nice. We then came back to the hotel and Paul and I split a pork chop for dinner. It was good. 
Carriage ride
We then sat in chairs outside Rich and Ginny's room to watch the river. 
Tower Bridge at night
Watching the river flow by
We had finally gone to our room for the night when we heard fireworks, so we went out and watched them. They were nice. There were some different ones. We then went back to our room. The fireworks were for the baseball game.
Fireworks across the river

Aug 20 (Sat)
            This morning we got ready and had breakfast on the Delta King. 
Breakfast on the Delta King
We then went to the Sacramento Temple for the sealing of Nicole Wheeler and Colin Bee. We saw Jeff and Gina and their family. After the sealing, which was very short, pictures were taken outside. We then had a luncheon in the building next to the temple. They even had things Paul could eat. 

Newlyweds (with oldlyweds)
Jeff and Gina's family
After the luncheon we decided to take the train ride. From the station in Old Sacramento it went three miles south along the river, detached the engine to move it to the other end of the train, then three miles back to the station. 
Waiting at the train station 
Let's take a train ride
Changing the engine
Ride along the river
We then went to the Railroad Museum. We watched a good video then we hurried through the museum. It was a very nice museum, but it was closing soon. 
Railroad Museum
Train in the museum
Barrels of fun
 We then walked to Candy Heaven and tried some free samples. We came back to the Delta King and met Rich and Ginny for dinner.

Diane's new husband
We then changed and went to the reception. It was held at the home of a friend. They had a beautiful yard. We got bags of candy and had cookies and chips with salsa. After they cut the cake I had a piece of the wedding cake.

Aug 21 (Sun)
            This morning we got ready, packed our bags, checked out, loaded up the car, then headed for the cabin. We arrived in Sonora at around 11:30 AM and went to the last half hour of Relief Society in the Sonora 1st Ward. We then attended the full block of the Sonora 2nd Ward before going to the cabin. John called to talk to his parents about his new call as counselor in a stake presidency in a newly formed stake in Idaho. 

Packing up for the cabin
Aug 22 (Mon)
            Today was our "do what we want" day. We went for a walk with Rich and Ginny to the lake and saw a lot of frogs. We read, talked, worked Sudoku puzzles, and rested. In the evening we had ice cream. It has been a nice, pleasant day. 

Low tide at the pond
Frogs at the pond
Aug 23 (Tue)
            This morning we went for a walk before breakfast. I then got ready to go out with Ginny. We went to the Dollar Tree and then to PriceCo for groceries. We then went to the Great Wall Chinese restaurant for lunch. Ginny had honey and walnut prawns and I had cashew chicken. We then went back to the cabin. After dinner tonight we watched "Star Trek: Into Outer Darkness". 

Aug 24 (Wed)
            Today we went for a walk to the lake and looked at the frogs before breakfast. I then read and slept. I played the piano a bit then Paul and I went for another walk. 

Aug 25 (Thu)
            After breakfast we all went to Cover's Apple Ranch. We looked at their store and then we took their train ride. It was fun. We then decided to have lunch there. They had some gluten-free cookies and scones, so Paul had something he could eat. After dinner we watched "Unstoppable". It was an intense movie about a runaway train. 

Goats at the ranch
Wild train ride
Aug 26 (Fri)
            Today was our last day at the cabin. We went for a walk with Rich and Ginny this morning. After breakfast, Ginny shared some of the letters that Mom Wheeler gave back to her that she had written over the years. She is going to make a book out of them. In the afternoon Paul went for a walk. By evening he had not returned so Richard took the car to go look for him. After about an hour he came back, but did not find him. Paul finally returned about 7 PM. He had been lost, but finally found his way back. We were all praying he would return safe and our prayers were answered. He did get some pictures of his adventure, however.

The meadow in back of the cabin
Small stream in the forest
On the mountain top 
Logging operations 
Bee keeping
Aug 27 (Sat)

            This morning we left the cabin just before noon. We stopped in Oakdale and had lunch at the cheese factory then continued on to San Jose. Rich and Ginny dropped us off at the airport. When we went through security they had to search our duffle bags. There were so many books it was too dense for the x-rays. We had a good flight, arrived home about 7:30 PM.

Emily's famous saw 
Richard, the antenna consultant
This was a good break for us and a chance to see Scott's and Jeff's families whom we haven't seen in years. Now we need to get busy and get our house in order.

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