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Fiji (Dec 9-11, 2016)

Dec 9 (Fri) - Fiji
            When we arrived in Fiji we went through customs and then got on a bus that took us to the Radisson Blu Resort. We checked in and then went to our room. We were greeted to the sound of the lali, a drum used in Fiji to signal a gathering.

A lali greeting
We are in Fiji
We had dinner in the Thai restaurant here at the resort. We then changed into our swimming suits and went in some of the pools. The water was lukewarm. It felt good. It was a nice way to relax for the evening. 

Dec 10 (Sat) - Fiji
           Today was our Fiji day. We got our swimming suits on and went out to the beach. We put our towels and things on some rocks and then we walked down the beach looking for shells, seeing tiny crabs, and getting our feet wet. It was low tide.
Fijian flower
Getting her feet wet in Fiji
Look, I found some coral
We then came back to the pool in the resort and relaxed on lounge chairs.
One of the pools in the resort
Lounging around
After we finished at the pool we changed into our clothes and walked around the resort.
Ready to go
Fountain in the resort
Paul plays the lali 
Tropical flower

 We decided to walk to the port. We are on an Denarau Island that has several resorts and many private houses. The port is the only shopping area (other than in the resort shops) on the island. It was a nice walk.
The stick men
The resort is around this bay 
Bright tropical tree
Port Denarau
We found a place for lunch where Diane had a fish burger and Paul ate Palusami - a local delicacy - oven-baked, stuffed local spinach and coconut with grilled tomatoes and caramelized onions with crispy dalo (a root of some type). 

Our eatery
We then did some souvenir shopping. We bought a lali (drum) which we are having them ship. We also bought a sulu (men's skirt), 2 tapa mats, and a picture of a village. At another store we bought a bula shirt for Paul and a sulu chamba dress for Diane. By the time we got back to the resort we were very hot and tired.

We changed quickly back into our swimsuits then went to the pool. It was so nice to cool off in the pool. We then checked the beach again. This time it was high tide. We got up to our necks in the ocean. It was warm.

We went to the Blu Brazzerie for dinner. Diane had the salad bar and Paul had Mahi Mahi, which included the salad bar. We watched the progress of the sun setting. It was beautiful. After dinner we came back to the room for the night.

Dinner at the Blu Brazzerie
Lantern lighting ceremony
Fijian sunset
A very peaceful night
Dec 11 (Sun) - Fiji

            This morning we got up about 7 AM, dressed and had the breakfast buffet at the Blu Brazzerie. It was good. They even had some good papaya, something we miss from Brazil.

Breakfast time
After breakfast we walked along the beach and found some more shells. We went to the spot where we could see the other side of the spit that went out into the ocean. There was another island there. It is privately owned.
Not so distant island
We packed our bags and spent the day lounging around the resort. We found a shady spot to sit, visit, and relax.
Walking around the resort
Our guardian 
We found a Mexican restaurant called "Mamacita". We went there for lunch and had some tacos. Paul had pork and Diane had chicken.

About 4:30 PM we went to Alan McKay's room (our tour guide) to cool down and visit with others there. We changed our clothes in their bathroom, ready to go to the airport.
Alan McKay
At 5:45 PM we went to the lobby and loaded our luggage on the bus to the airport. We then went through the check-in and immigration process and waited to board our plane for Las Angles. We left Fiji at 9:40 PM and tried to sleep most of the time on the plane.

Sunday December 11th. We had two Sundays because of crossing the international dateline. We left LA at about 4 PM and got into Salt Lake at about 6:20 PM. We were glad there was no snow on the ground and the roads were clear. We got home around 8:30 PM.

This was a good vacation, but it was OH so nice to be home again.


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