Thursday, February 16, 2017

Highlights of January 2017

We can summarize the events of January with one word - SNOW!

We spent almost every day removing snow from our driveway and also from the church.

Icicles from our frozen rain gutter
This is the worst winter since the 1983-84 winter when we first moved to Logan.
Kohler's bird feeder in the back yard
Closeup - It got higher later in the month
 At least we had a few "partly cloudy" days mixed in, but they were cold.
Winter clouds
The snow piled so high there was no place to put it.
This calls for a bigger snowblower
The mailbox got covered (and broken)
 Once we shoveled the snow in the driveway the snow plows would come and bury the entrance of our driveway.
This is extra heavy snow
It took both of us to keep up with the snowfall.

Diane shoveling snow too deep for the snowblower
We ain't in Brazil no longer
 Just so you know, double negatives are good grammar in Portuguese. There was so much snow on the roof we decided to get some off, but only got part way up.
Snow on the roof
Snow pile in the side yard
 Yes we had a white Christmas, but we had a whiter January.
Snow cave anyone?
One night while out shoveling snow I saw a deer just down the street. It didn't seem to bother with what I was doing so I went in to take a couple of photos.
Night prowler
Down in the valley for the winter
 My left shoulder got really sore so I finally went in to see the doctor - tendonitis. He sent me to a physical therapist who gave me some shoulder exercises. Now both shoulders are sore (though not as bad).

After taking down Christmas decorations we spent the month getting the house in order. This included replacing toilets, putting up bulletin boards and pegboards in the office and crafts rooms, cleaning out the attics and getting rid of lots of stuff, and installing new blinds in the upstairs rooms. We wondered what to do with our travel pictures and those we brought back from Brazil. We decided to load the bare walls in the basement. They actually look quite nice in a spacious room.
Welcome to Brazil
Have we really been to all these places?
 The end of the month brought the Chinese New Year. We now have a Mandarin branch in our stake. I offered to take my musical instruments from China to display. It ended up we (Wei) and I also gave a presentation about the musical instruments. He plays the "erhu", the Chinese violin. We are actually in the process of passing along about half of our musical instrument collection.
Two smiling faces for Chinese New Year
We were visited by a traditional dragon
Paul and Wei presenting traditional Chinese musical instruments
 After the presentation several of the branch members came up to play some of the instruments.
Showing off the instruments to some of the children in the branch.
Yes, we are glad January is over. We still have a lot of snow on the ground, but hope it will be gone before July.

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