Sunday, March 6, 2011

BYU Mens Chorus

This week the BYU Men's Chorus came to Logan. Two stakes were asked to host the choir members and ours was one of them. We volunteered. We went to the concert and enjoyed a variety of music. Afterwards we met up with Igor Marcus and Stephen Patterson. It turns out that Igor is from Curitiba, Brazil and Stephen  is from Minnesota. Igor's English was so good that I would not have thought that he was from a different country. He served a mission in New Jersey Spanish speaking. Paul kept trying to get me to speak in Portuguese but my mind would go blank and I couldn't form sentences. We were able to ask about the pronunciation of some words we wondered about and that was very helpful. Stephen has a mission call to England speaking Mandarin. Both boys really enjoyed our musical instruments and we were up until almost midnight playing instruments and talking. It was a good experience for us and I hope that it was for them also.

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Rachael said...

Just thinking about both of you! LOVE and miss you-I hope things are going well!