Monday, June 20, 2011

An expensive week

When we looked up information on mission costs it said to expect about $2500 a month. With the current exchange rate we loose money every time we convert money and the prices are a lot higher than in Utah. The sales tax is 13% so that adds on to the price of everything. This week was especially expensive. The hard drive failed on the MacBook which cost a bundle plus the McNabbs decided they preferred a king-sized bed so we purchased  a new queen-sized bed. We hope to make up for it next week when the NcNabbs and Eyers leave. We can have any of their furniture they are not taking themselves.
Elder Payne and Elder Pike moving the bed out
This was transfer week so everyone was excited. They finished up ESL classes on Tuesday evening by having root beer floats. The missionaries stayed around afterward to write notes in each others journals before everyone separated.
Missionaries writing notes to others

Wednesday was new missionary orientation. We had three new missionaries, Elder Ashton from Utah, Elder Lau from Hong Kong, and Elder de Moura from Brazil. Since Elder de Moura spoke good English, he only stayed in the MTC for three weeks instead of 9 weeks so he arrived early. For this reason Elder Woodruff was transferred to Picking (leaving Elders Lima, Workman, and de Moura as a threesome). Since we were also new, we joined the new them at the new missionary orientation with Pres. and Sister Eyre.
Elser de Moura with Adla (a new member)
On transfer week zone and district meetings are held on Thursday instead of Wednesday. It was fun to have new elders and sisters in the zone.
Zone conference
One day two weeks ago we were walking over to the store across the street and a boy from Bosnia on a bicycle stopped us. Seeing our name tags he asked about attending our church. We got his name and phone number which we passed along to Elder Duce who covers the area where we live. He called the phone number and started teaching the Basim family. No one seems to know anything about the boy who stopped us, but we were invited to join in on a lesson with the family. It was an interesting experience.

Elder Aston and Elder Duce with the Bosnian family

Saturday was a very busy day. We started the morning with a new session of ESL classes. We were assigned to teach the Portuguese class (the beginning class for those who know very little English). No one showed up so Elder Wheeler joined with class "C" (low level of English) while Sis. Wheeler waited to see if anyone else showed up. There was an older man in the class who spoke Chinese (Cantonese) and very little English. Elder Wheeler had to do a lot of translation into Mandarin for him. Sister Wheeler is really being put to use playing the piano for district meetings and ESL. We had a 4:30 appointment across town for the elders to introduce us to an inactive member. The member was not home so we rushed back just in time to attend a farewell social for Pres. and Sister Eyre at the McNabbs house.
Elder de Moura and Elder Lima with Adla

Elder and Sister Wheeler at a cancelled apointment

Farewell social

The Eyers with a book of memories from the senior couples
Sunday was a busy day, beginning with Sacrament Meeting and ending with a Portuguese fireside. The gospel doctrine class is taught by Sidy who taught Portuguese in Brazil. She speaks beautiful Portuguese which flows off her tongue very rapidly. Elder Wheeler ended up teaching the Portuguese class for priesthood meeting and giving a talk at the fireside. Sister Wheeler played the piano for Relief Society.

The Wheelers with Sidy
Well, another busy week has gone and we are still alive. We hope everything is well at home. Soon we should be in our permanent apartment and connected to the internet so posting a blog will be easier.

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Kate said...

Yeah! Bosnia! (and everything else too, but I really like Bosnians! I wonder why?) Keep up the good work, we'll be praying for you.