Monday, June 6, 2011

First Week in Toronto

I told Sister Wheeler that the first week on a mission was the longest week in your life. I think she agrees now. Yesterday was fast Sunday. On our way home from church we saw Sister Wheeler (the other Sister Wheeler) and her companion Sister Fotheringham talking to two ladies near our apartment building. They and Meifang Gong (a sister from their ward) were meeting with another lady. We invited them for dinner. Sister Fotheringham wanted to have top billing for our blog, so here they are.
Sis. Fotheringham, Sis. Wheeler, Sis. Gong, Sis. Wheeler
Saturday (May 28)
We unpacked then went to the stake center where they were having an openhouse, focusing on emergency preparedness. We then picked up some things from the store. We moved in to an apartment close to the mission offices (but far from our area).
Living room

View of the Science Center from our bedroom window
Sunday (May 29)
Meetings in Christie Ward started at 1pm so we had a relaxed morning. The Cristie Ward meets in the oldest LDS chapel in Ontario. We were asked to introduce ourselves and bear our testimonies. Diane gave hers in Portuguese and did very well. Most of the meetings were in Spanish, but we got along OK. A home teacher asked if we could visit an inactive family (the Roccas) with him. Luis was born in Brazil of Spanish parents and Isabel is from Portugal. We had a good visit and invited then to attend meetings on Sunday.
Toronto Chapel where the Christie Ward meets
Luis and Isabel with Elder and sister Wheeler
Monday (May 30)
We needed to do some major shopping today. We also went to the mission offices to get e-mail and to post our blog. There were a lot of missionaries there since it is Preparation Day for the younger missionaries. The office couples are Elder and Sister Mayo and Elder and Sister McNabb. We had a Family Home Evening at the church in the evening. Elder Lima (from Brazil) gave the lesson (in Portuguese of course). We then played charades from the scriptures.
Elder and Sister Mayo
FHE activity
Sister Wheeler playing charades
Tuesday (May 31)
We had a zone conference all day today. It was well planned and presented. One of the issues discussed was the uniting of the Toronto East and West missions. It is lively around here with everything going on.
President and sister Eyre with the Wheelers
Wednesday (Jun 1)
 Today was spent in getting our Canadian bank set up. We then visited with Elder and Sister Lindsey who work in the Toronto Ward. They gave Sister Wheeler some old curtains to cut up for curtains for the Portuguese elders apartment.

Thursday (Jun 2)
We had a planning meeting with the Portuguese elders in their apartment. We are very impressed with the Elders here. Elder Woodruff in the district leader. He lived in Brazil while his father was a mission president and speaks Portuguese very well. Elder Workman is from Idaho. He spent a year of his mission serving in an English speaking ward and is just now getting back into the Portuguese language. Elder Lima is from Brazil (and the hardest to understand). I am very impressed with his teaching ability. We are fortunate to be working with such fine elders. Sister Wheeler spent the evening working on the curtains.

Elder Workman, Elder Woodruff, and Elder Lima

Sister wheeler making curtains for the elders
Friday (Jun 3)
We went with the elders to visit a family who lives close to our building. We had a lesson on the temple. The daughter moved here from Brazil recently and was baptized about two months ago.

Tomaz, Dina, and Elda with Elder and Sister Wheeler

Saturday (Jun 4)
We had English as a Second Language classes at the church. We were not part of it, but were observers. They have a software program (written in MS Access) used for mission supplies. Sister Carroll from the West Mission was interested in using the program (with some changes) so Elder Wheeler spent the evening learning about Access.

Sunday (Jun 5)
Luis Rocca showed up at church today. I guess we had some success for our effort this week. He said he will bring Isabel next week. She is not a member of the church, but has received the lessons.

Well, it has been a long week. We hope all is well with everyone.


AZ SMITHS said...

Love hearing about your experiences and seeing your pictures. It looks like they're keeping you busy. Kamary thinks that your new apartment looks nice. :) We love you!

Kate said...

Wow! Great Job. Thanks for the updates and the stories, you make me want to go on another mission!

Kim said...

I love all the pictures and stories! What a fun expedition you are on together!!!!! Yea!! (By the way, my sister Leah is a Fotheringham. Her in-laws are named Russ and Linda. They are from Southern California, but live in Utah now. I wonder if there is any relation?)