Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mission Conference

Big news this week, but that will wait until later. Since Elder Wheeler was asked to help out with coordinating mission supplies for the combining of the mission we went to the Toronto West Mission office in Brampton to talk with Sister Carroll from that mission. We were able to meet Pres. Brower who will be the mission president for the combined Canada Toronto Mission. The Elder and Sister Lindsey from our mission had flown home to Utah for the funeral of their daughter-in-law. We picked them up at the airport that evening.

Sister and Elder Lindsey
We worked in the supply room of the mission office on Tuesday and counted Books of Mormon in 95 differnt languages. There were only 12 languages in which the Book of Mormon has been translated that we do not have. (Does anyone have a Book of Mormon in Hawaiian?) Sister McNabb is the missionary in the office who is in charge of supplies. They are headed for a small branch in the Southwest of Ontario when th mission office closes.

Sister and Elder McNabb

We had zone and district meetings on Wednesday. We really enjoy working with the young missionaries. To introduce us the missionaries put us on the "hot seat" where they could ask us any questions they desired. When Elder Wheeler was asked about his favorite Disney princess he said, "whichever one my granddaughters are pretending to be at the moment".  We will now introduce you to some of the missionaries in our district.
Elder Te'o and Elder Herycz (zone leaders)

Sister Braithwaite and Sister Phillips (Toronto ward)

Sister Tillet and Sister Sellers (Spanish-speaking)

On Thursday we got a new bed. Since th McNabbs are moving they didn't want to take their king-sized bed so we traded two twin beds (now in mission storage) for their king bed. We also got a new dresser in the trade. Elder Kim and Elder Payne (Korean eldrs) helped us move.

Elder Kim and Elder Payne
Since we haven't had much of a break to see toronto we decided to visit the Ontario Science Center across the street from us. It is huge with many vacant spaces and luxurious (complex). There were many school childrn there who increased the sound level.

Ontario Science Center

Sister Wheeler in the rain forest
Now for the big news. We were informed that there would be a mission confernce in Brampton with Elder Ballard so we went there on Saturday. He informed us that President Brower would be released in August and we would have a new mission president. This is because of the health of sister Brower (who is the daughter of Elder Ballard). We had a glance of the Toronto Temple while we were there.

Toronto Temple
Time to go, but we wanted to share mac (our doorknob).
Our happy doorknob


Janus said...

I love reading your many adventures, also we LOVED seeing pictures of Mac. so cute!!

AZ SMITHS said...

Looks like you have a lot going on. For some reason this post didn't come to my e-mail and didn't show up on my blog list. Hmmmm. I'm glad to see the pictures and see you're doing well! We love you!